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  Discord appeal
Posted by: toolsac101 - 2 hours ago - Replies (6)

Your Discord Name: Toolsac101#1969
Your Discord ID: 303597097473802241

Why were you warned/banned?: I was bullying Blacnova by sending the famous "I can't believe it's a double snow day!" Picture 
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : uhhh this shit was ages ago and I kind of want to return

Who warned/banned you and for how long?:
Evidence: pretty sure it was snakemola. Blacnova

  maybe an unpopular opinion but: CP NLR
Posted by: BRINGINGARMAGEDDON - 3 hours ago - Replies (6)

I think CP should be allowed to break NLR during a PD raid (Not revolts) for 3 reasons. To counter mingey raids, help new players and Realism. 

I'll start off with the realism part. If you were to raid a police department IRL there would be swarms and swarms of cops,swat and even maybe the military. There wouldn't be just 6 measely cops if you're unlucky, especially if you're trying to steal money from the pd treasury. It should be more similar to payday, making it more difficult could potentially allow the bank to yield better rewards as well considering it is funding the entire city. On to helping new players. Although it would make it more difficult to raid the PD vault, especially for newer players, if any new player plays cop, they almost always break NLR. Instead of having daily sits on this, it'd be a lot easier to make it allowed, it wouldn't hurt as much as it would help because of the frequency of it happening. How this counters the mingey camp the pd for kills (especially the lobby) is sort of obvious. You won't stay alive long if you sit in the lobby watching the front door with waves of cops trying to stop you.

All in all, making CP able to come back during PD raids would be a welcome change.

  Remove the autoswap to box of goods
Posted by: BRINGINGARMAGEDDON - 7 hours ago - Replies (1)

If you actually kidnap people you'll realize it's a stupid feature because you can literally get killed because of it. It's not realistic and can result in you losing a gunfight because an unneeded and unfun feature. I'm sure if you're going to kidnap someone, it autoswapping to the box won't make you more likely to place one down. 

Posted by: DDG Austin - 7 hours ago - Replies (6)

Quote:Your Steam Name: DDG Austin
Your in-game name: g0pniK
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:156509709

Why were you warned/banned?: (Console) banned g0pniK permanently ([Quad0] Banning g0pniK permanently for Clientside Lua Execution)

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : I have no clue what this means. And I've been playing on Tit's RP for a long time.

Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Console

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  Lockpick stopping 1/8 the way through
Posted by: it's cold in here (._.) - Yesterday, 02:43 PM - Replies (1)

Quality of Life

Description: when raiding Pd if you enter from the sewer enterance and use lightsaber to  go straight to the vault after unlocking one door you can't lockpick anymore

How to reproduce: enter through sewer while raiding PD, jump to vault, lockpick vent, you can't lockpick vault door or secret door.

Priority: Medium

  Banned for Killing when 10 other people were too and were not banned either
Posted by: Rem is the Best Waifu - Yesterday, 06:20 AM - Replies (3)


Rem is the best Waifu


RDM 2x

A couple of guys and me were going around the map screaming for the king and killing people, but I was the only one banned because i killed a guy twice by the name of Hink . I said I was sorry but he said he wouldn't accept my apology,and so I was banned for 1 day. I didn't even know that I killed him twice as everybody else around me was screaming for the king and killing other people. I have a friend that can confirm this if you want some proof his steam is theyeetster  STEAM_0:0:40271264

Banned by Ritsu

  Use 4 c4 quest not giving reward
Posted by: Deathrayjj - Yesterday, 01:01 AM - Replies (1)


Description: So I was refreshing my quest and I got this quest use 4 c4 for a vip to,en I thought that was very easy profit so I used some c4 in a raid it gave me a quest token but didn’t let me claim my vip token Sad

How to reproduce: refresh quest until you get 4 c4 quest and complete it 

Priority: Medium ( high for me cause I want a vip token)

  Makeshift Timebomb Bug
Posted by: Bunziix - 01-20-2019, 06:31 PM - No Replies


Description: You can Grav gun Makeshift Timebombs around doors and walls. Using this bug allows raiders to be able to hold the c4/Makeshift Timebomb until it blows up without taking damage. https://plays.tv/video/5c44bbe1a4845065b...mb-exploit

How to reproduce: Plant a C4/Makeshift Timebomb, grav gun it and go infront of a door/wall.

Priority: Medium

  C4 Exploit
Posted by: Bunziix - 01-20-2019, 06:27 PM - Replies (9)


Description: The C4 and makeshift timebomb radius goes through world walls/floors/ceilings etc. This makes raiding too easy. You do not have to run into the base and plant the c4, you just plant it on the wall and run in when it blows up. It makes most bases very weak and useless in some cases. https://plays.tv/video/5c44bb9992e4deecf...c4-exploit

How to reproduce: Plant a C4 on a wall and watch it destroy the props on the other side of the wall

Priority: High

  C4 Bug
Posted by: Bunziix - 01-20-2019, 06:25 PM - Replies (1)


Description: You cannot shoot C4 and move it. This means that raiding takes no skill anymore and all you have to do is plant c4 and chuck it inside of the base. You do not have to enter the base at all. You can shoot makeshift timebombs though. This needs to be fixed because as of right now you cant really defend against c4. https://plays.tv/video/5c44bc4ff2857409ba/gmod-c4-bug

How to reproduce: Plant a C4 and try to shoot it.

Priority: High

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