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  Can't connect to server
Posted by: minecraftguy630 - Yesterday, 01:01 PM - Replies (5)

It seems to be down for me, not even showing up in gamemodes? How to fix?

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  Report on Saiah
Posted by: ho dont step on my raf simons - Yesterday, 04:59 AM - Replies (7)

Your Steam Name: ho dont step on my raf simons
Your ingame name: ho dont step on my raf simons
Your Steam Profile/SteamID: STEAM_0:0:214886958
Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): Saiah STEAM_0:1:12910943 Saiah#8161
Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/LVFGIV2

TLDR: Jasher and Trevon jumped into my recently deleted base and stole my money making entities before I could fix anything and Saiah tells me it's a "raid" and that he can't do anything about it.

No staff was on so I spawned this base I have that I've used in other servers and isn't considered a sky base on other servers because you can enter from the ground. I was waiting for staff to get on to confirm. I have 9hrs on the server so I'm not 100% on everything yet. Saiah gets on, tells me to remove it so I do. After I removed the walkway entrance, Jasher and Trevon steal everything in my base and I couldn't do anything to fix my base. If I had the console logs I'm sure it would show that the time between me deleting part of my base and them stealing everything was less than 2 minutes apart. Then Saiah starts calling it a raid? So I can just get raided after deleting part of my base making it open without being able to fix it? He just made me delete my base and they walk in my half deleted base which I have no control over. I understand I broke the skybase rule but I just didn't know and I did everything I was told.

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Thumbs Down remove hobo only micspam pls
Posted by: Diegs - Yesterday, 12:17 AM - Replies (16)

so i just got a 7 day ban because i hit a warn count of 15 and the last warn that got me banned was me micspamming as a non hobo, in my opinion i think the rule is hot garbage i'm pretty sure people enjoyed the old rule of anyone can micspam oppose to only hobos could mic spam.( i might make a warn appeal to be unbanned but i don't think that its necessary). The old rule of anyone can micspam didn't hurt anyone nor did it hinder rp experience. I made this thread simply asking for the rule to be changed back to its old state because i love music man. I've been micspamming for i think 2 years now and its ironically the thing that gave me a 7 day ban, I know it's my fault for getting the warn, but please change the rule back to its old state bruv

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  Warn Appeal for "Breaking Raid Timer"
Posted by: |⎛ ҉ ٩DamnedOne٩ ҉ ⎞| - 07-17-2019, 11:41 PM - Replies (1)

Your Steam Name: |⎛ ҉ ٩DamnedOne٩ ҉ ⎞|
Your in-game name: DamnedOne
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:14689799

Why were you warned/banned?: "Breaking Raid Timer"
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : I believe the rules on "raiding/trespassing" are extremely vague.
Who warned/banned you and for how long?: GN Isaac
Evidence: N/A. I can explain what happened though.

This all started when I got flashed in fountain area and walked forward. I waited so I could see again and I saw I walked through the kingdom portal. I then tried to leave and was blown up on a landmine that was placed. I had NO intention to raid and the portal was unlocked.

I then came back 5 minutes later and decided to raid. I blowtorched through the base that was there and raided them. I died in the raid and next thing I know I'm in a sit. I got warned for NLR at first.

While I was being warned Big Heart came into the sit and said I broke raid timer then said, "[Superadmin] Big Heart: TBH ive been trying to get "Kingdom raid" added as an advert for ages". Link here: https://imgur.com/a/nHHnjsA.
Big Heart then corrected GN Isaac and said it was "Breaking Raid Timer" instead.

There is confusion regarding "Trespassing" and "Raiding". Here is 2 rules from the MOTD regarding Trespassing.

  • "Trespassing makes you KoS."
  • "Definition of Raiding: Having the intent to invade another person's home. Whether you're being harmful or not, trespassing someone else's house should be considered a raid."
"Definition of Raiding: Having the intent to invade another person's home." - So which one is it? Do I have to show intent like lockpicking, throwing a material grenade, or blowtorching to be considered a raid or is it just "Trespassing".
The legal definition for trespassing is "Trespass is defined by the act of knowingly entering another person’s property without permission."
Wouldn't raiding be using force to enter someones base not simply walking into their base and trying to leave?
I would say a raid starts when someone damages the owners of a base with the intent to lock pick, keypad crack, material grenade, or use explosives to gain access to a base or enter.

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  Asunas ban appeal
Posted by: asuna - 07-17-2019, 02:43 PM - Replies (12)

Your Steam Name: asuna
Your in-game name:  something alongs the line of "asunayukkiii"
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:87036960
Why were you warned/banned?: FailRP | LTAP
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : because my steam crashed and i dident get a fair chance to explain myself
Who warned/banned you and for how long?:  slick banned me for 24 hours
Evidence:  I have no proof because i have 0 Recording software. I just feel i dident get a chance to explain myself and got an unworthy ban and unfair ban 

Thanks for your time and reading my post 

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