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  False ban Infamous Echo Unreal
Posted by: Infamous Echo Unreal - 1 hour ago - Replies (7)

Your Steam Name: Infamous Echo Unreal
Your ingame name: Ult Instinct Aryan God
Your Steam Profile/SteamIDSTEAM_0:1:126165804
Why were you banned?: warning threshold +15 by Griffin for no fucking reason

Why should you be unbanned?: So literally wasn't breaking any server rules them out of no where @Griffin who decides to hey let's give him a warning didn't even get a sit or literally nothing just banned for seven days I'm just absolutely fucking livid

[Image: gHZaRCw.jpg]

  Report on Mentor Peanut Butter
Posted by: [HS] Mr Bosco The Dovahbear - 6 hours ago - Replies (5)

Your Steam Name: umadbro12315
Your Ingame Name: [HS] Mr Bosco The Dovahbear
Your SteamProfile/SteamID
Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile):  http://steamcommunity.com/id/ggodanubis/ Mentor Peanut Butter

Reasons Why you are reporting: Abuse of power. He had a police checkpoint set up, it wasn't in use, he was AFK, but it still separated the main traffic area of the town infront of CP. I vote demote him, the demote passes, 10 mins or so later he brings me, and asks me why I demoted him. I tell him why and he tells me it is a false reason, I quickly explain it is an RP reason for hindering the flow of traffic and blocking main paths. He tells me it is not. He was about to warn me, as you can see, but he changes his mind, probably realizing I would report him. We take the argument to pm's after I tell him I would have reported him if he warned me. He did the same thing to troll man after troll demoted him, aswell. We take the argument to pm's, and I tell him the scenario and talk Krypto and I had a while back with Famous Afrikan Cuisine. He says Krypto does not make the rules and I show that nowhere in the rules does it go against what I said, only says you can demote for RP reasons. He then tells me he will mute me if I keep arguing when there is an easy ignore option.


  I'm back and better than ever
Posted by: [HS] Mr Bosco The Dovahbear - Today, 02:07 AM - Replies (7)

So, you probably didn't notice I took a couple month break, cause you probably don't care, but I did, and that is cause I was a lil' bit toxic, but not on purpose. You see, I got angry easily, but I am not seeing a therapist for it, and have already made real progress. I am now telling you all, I will no longer be the Bosco you knew, I am a new Bosco. A better than Kanye Bosco. If you need help with anything in the server PM me (New players) and I look forward to seeing you all on the server, again!

Posted by: Knifu Waifu - Yesterday, 11:03 PM - Replies (17)


The first issue is bases. Most to all kidnappers use are either bases where its completely one color and you can't tell where your going or its a slightly different shade from the outside.

Another issue that is also connected to the all one color is that somewhere in the entire entrance of the base, there is one no collided wall thats not only where you can shoot through it, but its practically impossible to find within a reasonable amount of time while first entering the base. ( Most Kidnapping bases that have this trait require you to either crouch or jump crouch into a specific area all while they have a hidden area where they can see you and shoot but you can't see them )

And another Issue is that there is no Role-play involved in kidnapping, you're just hitting someone in the back of the head with a stick or sandwich and carrying said victim off to a pitch black area where they have to either wait 5 minutes to kill themselves or for the captor to get bored with them and kill them.

CC's with the bludgeon is also a issue, most CC's have a plethora of weapons at their disposal as well as healing items and some that give armor. This makes it damn near impossible to stop them when they use their jumping swep go into the sky just to come down and hit your noggin and carry your body off into their little cave.

Kidnapping should be implemented in with Role-play, not only should said kidnapper HAVE to place the box, but there should be a new system to kidnapping so its not just a one hit to the back.

Thank you for reading this.

  TitsRP Notes v1
Posted by: Mr. Peanut Butter - Yesterday, 10:10 PM - Replies (3)

make jigsaw tp behind a target rather than where the target is looking since it can be abused to have too much advantage over jigsaw as their target and basically being invulnerable to jigsaw.

revamp rep system, maybe make it against the rules to false rep and/or make smods+ able to delete people's false reps because I can't get past 28 because everytime some whiny kid doesn't get his way in a sit he just -reps me, and I also get a lot of random -reps from random people I have never met or otherwise interacted with or with racist comments, or etc. Also add a way to see who posted the rep other than just their profile picture, as you won't know who posted a rep unless you already know them and recognize their profile picture.

fix zooming in with snipers from third person so that you actually get the effect of switching in and out of first person like you do with other guns.

make demotes last longer and make it so that if you get demoted from a cp job you cannot join any cp job while demoted. if this is too complicated maybe force demoted people to stay citizen and not able to switch to any job for a set amount of time, which needs to be significantly longer than the current demote time. the reason for this is if someone is demoted they tend to instantly go to a similar job and keep doing dumb stuff.

add job ban back to the tab menu, and make a cp ban in case they are deemed incompetent of being cp at all so that they cannot just pick another cp job immediately after.

add an indication that someone is wanted by cp and why in the tab menu like the old tab menu had.

add an indication that someone is your steam friend in the tab menu like the old tab menu had, such as a flashing light or symbol or something. 

make non-staff able to click on a user's name in the tab menu, close the tab menu, and re-open it to still show that user's info the way staff can, in case someone needs to track a player for evidence in a player report because staff are unavailable in game.

make it so that when staff spectate someone and open tab menu it automatically opens the info of the person being spectated like the old tab menu did.

change the rule on mayor firing cp so that instead of firing cp for any reason/no reason it follows normal demote rules and needs a valid rp reason. this way, the mayor can still get rid of undesirables by firing for a reason such as "I don't think you are a good addition to the police force" or etc, but they cannot just mass demote the entire police force and not allow anyone to join, which is very frustrating and makes for a very bad dynamic in the context of rp.

disallow CC's from kidnapping, its way too OP and makes countering these types of kidnaps near impossible, which encourages more people with CC's to mass kidnap to where, once AGAIN I'm getting kidnapped by someone every 5 minutes no matter where I am, I can be in the corner of the top of the map and get kidnapped by some minge with an expensive CC AND it takes half the city to stop them. It's at the point that with this on top of extreme toxicity and minging throughout the server it makes me, as a staff member, want to yell that everyone can heck off as I ragequit the server. Or you can just get rid of kidnapping entirely because its low effort RP that does nothing but annoy the heck out of literally everyone except the people that do it all day every day.

  Zookas' Inventory Suggestions
Posted by: Zookas - Yesterday, 04:21 PM - Replies (5)

So, I have a small list of suggestions for the inventory that I think would make the server simply more convenient.

1. Inventory Window Resizing!

I think the ability to resize the inventory would make it much less tiring to search through. Instead of having to scroll up and down, just looking over all your goodies on one big window.

2. Automatic Sorting Options!

In my opinion, the ability to press a button and have your inventory neat and tidy would be amazing. Perhaps, you could have guns on the top side listed alphabetically, and resources and crafting supplies along the bottom organized in the same manner.

3. Converting Shipments!

A simple idea. You could right click a shipment of guns and turn it into just a stack of guns in your inventory. This could make it easier to deal with the 2 different types of shipments. (Shipment and single)
Me and many other users farm using the processor a lot. Having it spit out 2 different types of shipments can be a real hassle to deal with, and I think having this option would remedy that quickly.

That's all I have for now, but I will return to the forums if I see any other ways to improve the server. Thanks for reading!

  Player Report-Bill Gates52439KDNUA
Posted by: Chris Hansen (2) - Yesterday, 11:30 AM - Replies (1)

Your Steam Name: Australium Skull
Your ingame name: Hot Loli
Your Steam Profile/SteamIDSTEAM_0:1:98501222

Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile):  Bill Gates52439KDNUA  Profile:https ://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198203183437/
Reasons why you are reporting: RDM/MassRDM/ He has been randomly walking around as a CP killing people including me. I was in my betting booth and he yelled something like "KILL!" and killed me with his gun. The Vider is another time he killed me. He clearly said he wished to be banned and yelled "REEEEE"

  Report on Cat Poster
Posted by: SlimyButtToy - 06-18-2018, 11:08 PM - Replies (13)

Your Steam Name: SlimyButtToy
Your ingame name: SlimyButtToy
Your Steam Profile/SteamIDhttps://steamcommunity.com/id/slimybutttoy/
Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): Cat Poster https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198154254116
Reasons why you are reporting: He demoted me for FailRP because I arrested him while he was raiding the PD
Evidence: [VIP] (DEMOTE) Cat Poster: I want to demote you. Reason: FailRP

if ur wondering why i reported him is because i called atleast 10 admin sits patiently and none of them answered and i asked some personally via PM and they didnt respond so i will report him on the forums i guess

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