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  Make hits more worthwhile
Posted by: BRINGINGARMAGEDDON - 3 hours ago - Replies (1)

Hits usually take 15-20 minute to find the person if they aren’t sitting at the fountain and most of the time they die, making hit more rewarding may make them more enjoyable. Raising the min/max Hitprice may make them less of a minge tool and make hitman actually apart of rp.

  False ban by majorsteam
Posted by: Warm Giggles - 5 hours ago - Replies (13)

Admin Edit: This report is actually on Bunziix, not MajorSteam.

Steam Name: Warm Giggles
Ingame Name: Warm Giggles
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:33491113
Banned For: Banned for breaking NLR, by killing major steam when he was in my base.
Why Should I be Unbanned: Here's the rundown, I saw majorsteam in Owo_mad's base, who i was grouped with, while he was raiding it, i stood outside for 2 seconds to see who it was, he shot me in the face. I came back to watch him from a safe distance, did not interfere at all, he shot me again and claimed I was breaking NLR. He then pulled me for a sit, said nothing to me, typed !dlogs, said nothing and then returned me. Then more than 5 minutes after he had shot me I came back to the base, which he was still trying to raid and killed him. He immediately teleported to a player nearby, and tried to continue raiding the base by grabbing a pickup box, saying nothing to me, i killed him for breaking nlr. He then teleported again to a nearby player and did the exact same thing, i killed him again for breaking nlr. After this he finally brought me into a sit where he yelled at me like a child claiming i broke nlr. I calmly asked him to show me the dlogs showing where i broke NLR or how I interfered with him in any way prior to the five minutes being up. He showed me a log of me killing a different player, that was loitering, that he was not connected to in any way, or grouped with. I continued to ask him to show me how I broke NLR. He said nothing. At that point I was trying to avoid being warned as I had just gotten on for the night, so I messaged Squanch to come assist me in the sit or at least give me some feedback as to what was happening, as I trust him as a moderator. At this point, Squanch asked me what was happening, I tried to respond and I was immediately banned for 2 days. Now at that point i only had 1 warn on my account so I couldn't have been banned for having too many warns. It seems more likely, at least in my eyes, that Majorsteam banned me because he knew he was wrong and did not want to back off.
I also assume I was not banned for contacting another moderator during the sit, as Majorsteam banned me for NLR and RRDM, and "extend to 2 days for bunz" whatever that means.
I would appreciate some feedback, and hopefully some communication with majorsteam as to what I did wrong.
Evidence: sadly i dont use shadowplay, certainly dlogs can be checked or majorsteam can be questioned as to what happened.

  Auction House
Posted by: *Chink2g - 6 hours ago - No Replies

Could be an npc at fountain that function a little similarly to the stocks npc.

Except this would be a great addition based on the fact that it would/could reduce the amount of adverts for stuff people are trying to sell.

An Auction House would be good because people/noobs can see whether or not they're getting scammed or not. (cause could only assume that prices would be listed from cheapest to most expensive)

A good reference auction house would be off of the game Trove. (Ofc it would probably be hard to understand what that looks like cause I don't expect a lot of people actually play this game...)

Either way I would be very hard to explain what I would actually like this to look like. The easiest way would just be to actually see how the Trove auction house looks like/functions unfortunately.

  CATS4HATS Ban Appeal
Posted by: Cats4Hats - 8 hours ago - Replies (3)

Your Steam Name: CATS4HATS1998
Your ingame name: CATS4HATS
Your Steam Profile/SteamIDhttps://steamcommunity.com/id/Cats4Hats
Why were you banned?: For "Mass RDM" when i killed two people while raiding. I even adverted raid.
Why should you be unbanned?: Because I did not mass RDM, I was just raiding a base. He did not pull me into a sit, just jailed me during my raid and banned me.

Who banned you? Rubik
Evidence: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...1516681477

  Enchanted Guns Bug
Posted by: Jawson - 9 hours ago - Replies (2)


Description: If you have an enchanted gun and someone trades you the exact same gun or u inv some of the exact same gun it will stack on the enchanted gun. No, you can't abuse this to get unlimited legendarys or sell them all... It's just a visual glitch and once you equipt one or drop one it drops them all. 

How to reproduce: Up above

Priority: Medium

https://gyazo.com/eb249c7d22adeac6e30aabad701da736 Here is an example of what I am talking about. *I also just lost 7 jugger miniguns cuz this, nice*

Also it doesn't work on EVERY gun but a good amount it does.

  Kill Cam
Posted by: *Chink2g - Yesterday, 05:19 PM - Replies (1)

Personally I think that Kill Cam ghosting to your teammates/friends/gang members/party members is a little bit of a disadvantage, Which is technically meta gaming... not that, that is completely horrible... But I'm thinking that an auto respawn wouldn't be bad in this case?

Honestly I just thought an auto respawn wouldn't be a bad idea.

This could be beneficial in two ways.

As a raider (If you killed someone on the other side of a 1 way): people wouldn't be able to realize where you are and communicate that to their teammates.
As a defender (And you killed the raider): They wouldn't be able to see what's in your base. (Whether or not that means... inspecting a better way to raid your specific base dupe or how many printers/processors you have etc.) 

This could also determine whether or not they'll actually raid you again if they realize you don't have shit ... we've all had that moment when you're outside a base and think you hear a shit ton of printers.... but it turns out they only had 2 when you finished the raid.

Based off of my opinion, I feel like the community will be 50/50 supportive based on the thought of this idea.

But I think It would be a great addition.

  Discord Ban
Posted by: Sticks - Yesterday, 04:16 PM - Replies (4)

Your Steam Name: [IFN] Sticks [Elite-Admin]
Your ingame name:Sticks 
Your Steam Profile/SteamID:unneeded tbh but my discord id is Sticks#5039
Why were you banned? Sugar rolled a 3
Why should you be unbanned?: Am sorry

Who banned you?: Mr Solid Block
Evidence NA

Posted by: Blacnova - Yesterday, 04:12 AM - Replies (5)

cops don't seem to understand the concept of nlr during a pd raid, so can we make a command for this similar to revolt, except it places a zone around pd where if cops enter after dying they get sent back to spawn? ty

Edit: please make sure to disable the command during the pd bank event

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