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  mass nlr
Posted by: Corporal Cactus - 01-16-2019, 07:13 AM - Replies (3)

Your Steam Name:corp
Your ingame name: wilhelm
Your Steam Profile/SteamID:
Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): NFL Blitz   STEAM_0:0:463738388, reporting for mass NLR even after i told him to stop coming back, i was PD raiding
Evidence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R93JhzPM...e=youtu.be (skip to 3:20)

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Posted by: ella! - 01-16-2019, 02:51 AM - Replies (6)

hi i am ella

  Make !p messages not go through chat mutes
Posted by: BRINGINGARMAGEDDON - 01-16-2019, 12:17 AM - Replies (2)

pretty self explanatory

  Why I think my Report denial was dumb
Posted by: Jacket - 01-15-2019, 06:25 AM - Replies (7)

1- He didn't ask me to change my name, He changed it twice without telling me a single word about it.  I didn't know who did it the first time, so I changed my name back, then he changed it again and then I asked him why and the story goes on.
1.2- I changed my name after the 2nd forerpname because I thought his reason was bullshit, he made a rule on the fly.
1.3- He didn't talk to me at all about my name before he changed it twice.
1.4- no Doc, I changed my name to that 4-5 days ago, all the staff were OK with it (sewer included) until yesterday.
1.5 Please ask Sugar for logs if he continues to claim that he talked to me about my name before making an action.

2- Why didn't anyone talk about the 2nd reason? being unprofessional to other players? it wasn't related to me so you guys ignored it?

3- Why did you bring up my Discord ban to this? Last time I checked you can't break rules just because someone else did, I got punished in Discord, you can't abuse your powers because the player you're abusing is a "Minge" ?

4- In response to Echo: You called me thing way worse than that, yet I haven't complained. I explained myself about uwu's situation, I have no Hard feelings for her. I only called Sewer a Rat/Snitch You think I was too harsh? maybe they should check your chat logs.

5- why is he allowed to spam that screenshot? it contains a word that isn't allowed at all. I got punished for sending that in A fucking PM outside the discord server and He's free with posting it anywhere?

I find it very biased and hypocritical.

My original report

  OMG Silver's Tmod app
Posted by: OMG Silver - 01-15-2019, 01:52 AM - Replies (11)

Lol you fucking thought

  Mass NLR
Posted by: it's cold in here (._.) - 01-15-2019, 01:35 AM - Replies (1)

Your Steam Name: its cold in here(._.)
Your ingame name: its cold in here(._.)
Your Steam Profile/SteamID:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198125552227/
Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): toilah, STEAM_0:1:42457031
Reasons why you are reporting: I raided them, i killed them, they came back 3 times and ended up killing me, no staff accepted my sit.
Evidence: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/u...5DC82039A/

It it just me or is NLR one of the most broken rules?

  The Jacket Issue
Posted by: T1K uTOOB - 01-15-2019, 12:51 AM - Replies (16)

Your Steam Name:
Your ingame name: T1K
Your Steam Profile/SteamIDSTEAM_0:1:238084292
Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): Jacket, Jacket1, 0101010101010101010101010101 (STEAM_0:1:119176343)
Reasons why you are reportingSo, for all of you who were in general chat around 6:00am PST this morning, you probably saw Jacket spamming screenshots, texts, VC, ,and DMs of 'nigger this’, and 'nigger that’. There's a wack amount of proof of him PMing Kayla, Leathel (Vladimir Lenin), and I screenshots of him calling people, mainly Kayla, 'nigger’.

If you know Jacket, or Jacket1, at all, you know this isn't an uncommon recurrence. He's one of the biggest Minges on the server, and definitely the most openly racist. It isn't a big secret.

Back to this morning. SwaVe bans him for DMing Leathel, calling Kayla a 'nigger’ in an unironic way. About an hour passes by, with me, Caleb, Shard, Cynthia, Karma, and a few others chatting idly. Karma leaves for a while, then rejoins with an almost exact replica. This Karma had the real Karma's old pfp, which Karma had changed a few hours earlier. We immediately knew what it meant, as we had joked about it before. We talked to him as he denied in his obvious accent that he was Karma and not Jacket. In the end, the alt got banned.

Fast forward to about 8-9 hours later, judging my school time as a clock, when I'm in a voice chat with Sewer, DeathRay, and Infamous. I go on the forums, a daily routine, and see a rather dumb ban appeal. I skim over it, then scroll further down. I come across a post made by Jacket. I read the title and start giggling. I tell the VC, who immediately start talking shit about how dumb the idea was. Jacket had made a report on Sewer, talking about changing his nickname without permission. To make a long story shorter, it was denied, with just a caution to Sewer and everyone hating Jacket. Everybody -repped him and gave him toxic shit, with Doc and Rubik shutting him down for being idiotic. He minges and expects to be favored over staff.


Kayla's Testimony and Evidence

He was spamming smoke grenades and crashing people, we warned him to stop and he went to Wrench and told him to spam them as well and after I told him not to (I was spectating him because of a sit), he lied about it.

Then last night he was doing this to Succ the Succ https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/530201729141309440/534347096493391882/image0.png

He also made a report on me because he mass rdmed some of his "friends". I unbanned him because the people he rdmed said they didn’t care but when I asked him why he did it his only reply was "fuck them that’s why".

Overall, I only have Kayla's evidence because I wanted this done in a day. But I have a feeling the comments will be pretty active. Any stories help, but pretty much everything people will say is an extreme amount of toxicity and racism. Toxicity and racism is cool to a degree, but what Jacket does is too far. I say a one month to permanent (1 year) ban for him to finally grow up.
Will be shown to Sugar personally if requested. T1K#2169

As a quick edit, I know there isn't as much when it comes down to rule breaking I do have an image from Kayla of him using smoke bombs at fountain, making the server lag. Anyways, my main point is that he is an absolute douche and needs to have some sort of punishment to show we're sick of him getting muted for hard r, getting muted, repeat. And he is an overall minge and the only people I know who like me are the other toxic ones. He needs to grow up, in my opinion.

  Banned 2 Weeks For Back To NLR
Posted by: -=MeDeRoZ=- - 01-14-2019, 09:39 PM - Replies (9)

Your Steam Name: -=MeDeRoZ=-
Your in-game name: MeDeRoZ
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:171441921

Why were you warned/banned?:I was banned for returning twice to where I died, NO, it's wrong, but that's just a warn not a 2 week ban ..., and i was warned because i destroyed radio in sit, "raiding in sit" , I can not take a picture because I'm banned, but that's not a reason for warn, and disrespect? I was just asking him why i was warned for that reason. I never disrespect.
Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? :Because that is very very exaggerated, 2 weeks of ban? that's just a warn or 2 warns, not a ban.

Who warned/banned you and for how long?:Big Heart, for 2 weeks


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