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  Blakec cc scammed me
Posted by: SpeedyRebel - 10-10-2017, 03:01 AM - Replies (14)

Steam name: RuthlessOverseer
In game name: Mr Sniffles
Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198280609578/
Player Im Reporting: Blakec
Reason: I payed Blakec 2 or 1 mil for a cc slot permenant and he says I only payed for a week when I know I didn't and I have screenshot evidence of me saying I payed for permenant slot and him saying in a PM you were on it long enough.I either want my money back or my permenant cc slot back

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  CC Class Color is Yellow
Posted by: Cicada - 10-09-2017, 10:59 AM - Replies (7)

Quality of Life
Class Color is the Bug I'm talking about.

Description: Go in to the CC Editor, change a Class Color. It'll just turn into yellow. OR after Server Reset, all Classes go Yellow (Not in tab. But in chat) EVEN IF YOU CHANGE IT, MINE IS BLUE.>WHY IS IT YELLOW Sad.

How to reproduce:: Well. Can't really reproduce it. The system does it for you. 

Priority: (High, Medium, Low) Low  : Probably just me.

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  I Need A Break
Posted by: Vexxy - 10-09-2017, 08:30 AM - Replies (9)

I am literally at my edge and im literally holding back all of my will and want to shoot myself in the head because of all the fucking brain damage I see on this server.

I dont care if it comes with the package, I shouldn't have to sit on the server alone and deal with minges trolling around trying to loophole the rules in 6 different ways. 

I dont want some jackass to attack a spiderman gun onto me and run into their base using fading doors forcing me to ather leave the server to get it off of me or *try* and raid their annoying base that is basically unraidable without C4, Blowtorch or a lucky shot. 

I dont want to sit around and deal with being told im not good enough to be moderator when I've delt with alot more than 220+ sits when im usually catching people that start mass Rdming before someone starts pinging admin chat about it. 

and what do I get for all of it? Just get 300+ sits and you can *probably* be promoted sometime in the next 6 months when i decide to get back on. 

Yeah im on more during the nights and I deal with alot of minges, Yeah no one really makes sits unless they're experienced enough with darkRP to even try. 

Im tired of all the minges who act like they are the best and start calling me a white surpremisist because im punishing them and start having them minge around me because they broke a rule. 

Im probably going to be off the server for a few days before I decide a bullet and a gun or a rope and chair is a better option then logging on to deal with more bullshit. 

This job is stressful and I dont even get recognized for all the work I do. Im "Just another tmod".

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Question Forum name change?
Posted by: Pumped Up Kicks - 10-09-2017, 08:12 AM - Replies (15)

How do I change my name on the forums? I was just curious because I wanted to change my name on the forums, I don't really like my name Pumped Up Kicks, I must've been autistic when making this account lol.
if I didn't post in right section then I am sorry, still bit new to the forums.

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