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Lots a Bugs

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Quality of Life

Description: On some weapons after reloading it will bug out and show the grav gun effect. And sometimes if you reload some weapons and switch before they are done reloading it will automatically switch back to the weapon you were reloading to show the reload animation.  (http://plays.tv/video/5b7269fb3ed8c87810...ts-of-bugs 0:00)

How to reproduce: Reload a weapon and switch to the grav gun or just to another weapon 

Priority: Medium


Description: You can sit exploit into this area and u can walk around in this area and possibly abuse it to hide things (http://plays.tv/video/5b7269fb3ed8c87810...ts-of-bugs 0:11)

How to reproduce: Sit exploit through the map barrier 

Priority: Low


Description: Your body gradually drifts off behind the wheelchair when u are riding in it. (http://plays.tv/video/5b7269fb3ed8c87810...ts-of-bugs 0:36)

How to reproduce: Ride around in a wheelchair.

Priority: Medium

Quality of Life

Description: It wont allow me to start a gang war because i was not the original leader of my gang

How to reproduce: Create a gang and give over leadership to another player and have them try to start a war

Priority: Low



Hey guys that's me. Btw you can get behind the rocks and place printers in there like a full base.


1. That bug is only for custom weapons where the custom weapon reload animation isn't tied to the normal / standard method of reloading. I can fix it but keep in mind that it is only for very very specific CC weapons

2. This is fixed for the next reset

3. I was not able to reproduce this. I assumed that it would start to lag once the server was under a heavy load but I was unable to reproduce it under a lot of different circumstances

4. I was not able to reproduce this. I transferred my gang to another account, made a new gang and I was able to create a gang war between both. When you click the "Start War" button, do you see any names pop up?

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Can u like reset my gang or something and keep the levels to try and fix the bug?


When you click the "Start War" button, do you see any names pop up? What exactly do you see when you click that button if you have it at all? Can you post a video?


Look at me fly around while driving a wheelchair

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