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Inventory Bug


It was 2 days ago When I won vip And I forgot what staff gave it to me  But When I rejoined The game the very next day My inventory was clear all my guns missing and My inventory pickup not working anymore also my job screen looks difference Not sure if thats good I called a staff to help But he told me to Post on the forums Well here I am Hope someone respond to fix this

My user: RainStormHuman


I'm pretty sure sugar can find your old data, I'm not sure how that happened though


I already pmed sugar about it



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So I just found a fix I can't pick up guns with inventory swep thingy But when I take out a gun I found some where in the game And do /invholster Everything fixes The inventory pickup works Now But I have to do It everytime I join the game I still need a fix also all my weapons appear again Its weird


I transferred your inventory into my inventory as a 100% replication and I couldn't reproduce this, is this still an issue?

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