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MissRolvex is back in town Baby!

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just a quick update  herb said i can votekick when no staff is on and i thought he rdmed so he got a votekick and he votekicked me and obviously you're gonna be biased and not yell at him but thats fine cuz IDC tbh

i was told by so many staff that i can votekick when no staff is on and i cant :3 you're giving me mixed signals here cuz i thought he rdmed me and obviously it was a misunderstanding im blind and didnt read motd properly apparantly  he also false kicked me and he doesnt get yelled @ *COUGH* BIASED STAFF but ya know yeah bye..

all attention is towards me when he also votekicked when he shouldnt have you guys told me i shoulnt have votekicked buhe shouldnt either  and i get yelled @ he doesnt   i obviously missed a spot on motd and im getting blamed for everything hmm

could you guys had 1  week to my ban ill be banned for 1 week and 1 day you guys messed with my ban and i had 9 hours left thanks

so... threads not locked and i havent read the rules of the forums can you kindly link me to them thanks

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(09-12-2018, 01:12 PM)creative name under 32 charaters Wrote: yo can you shut the fuck up, you asked for a ban and now you're whining on forums about the rules, the report isn't even closed

If you have nothing to say don’t say anything

I’m closing this until a admin decides your punishment


You are one of the worst trolls I have seen all week.
I say troll because the alternative is you being both half illiterate and severely delusional. 

1 week ban and removal of VIP for either choosing to ignore the MOTD or intentionally falsely votekicking.
Herb did not tell you that you could votekick people if you were mad. You can votekick people who are actually breaking the rules.

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