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Good software?


OBS is by far the best free software. Im pretty sure you can edit on it as well but idk how easy/hard or good/bad it is.


Editing software that is noobfriendly would be sony vegas. I have been using it for years now Smile


(09-14-2018, 02:23 PM)DMG / Qzzrbl Wrote: What programs do you folks recommend for recording playtime gameplay?

use Plays.tv iv used it for Rust, CSGO, GMOD, etc. It runs in the background and records your whole gameplay. Doesnt take up much resources either. Has a built in video editor too, so u can clip parts and upload it directly to Youtube or just to the playstv sight. 

Heres a link to my playstv if u wanna see how the videos turn out: https://plays.tv/u/Bunziix


Plays.TV and OBS cause more issues than they are worth

Sony Vegas is just an editor, it doesn't record gameplay.

No one wants to pay for stuff.

Just get fraps. its easy to use and customizable, and old enough that its easy to bootleg without worrying about viruses and stuff if you are a nub.


I use nvidia shadowplay and its useful for most situations
Downsides are that you might record too late to capture something and the files are kinda big at around 2gb if you record at 60fps 1080p


OBS uses the least storage and doesn’t kill quality, it’s what I’ve used for years.

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