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Player harassment (Defending an admin)


Your Steam Name: Frosty

Your ingame name: Panzer Hawk

Your Steam Profile/SteamID: STEAM_0:064106654

Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): A guy named Pesky

Reasons why you are reporting: He is already banned but something tells me he might have made or will make a report bashing an admin 

Evidence: Im not too sure which forum im supposed to use in this situation so sorry in advance if this isnt the appropriate one. Basically what went down a few hours ago was an admin sit meant for me, the guy claimed I RDAed him. The dude I arrested threw a tantrum when I was explaining why I did what I did but he wasn't having any of it, he started to insult me and threatened to RDM & harass me all day. Im not trying to get Pesky in more trouble, 3 days is appropriate in my eyes. The main reason I made this report was to defend the admin ''Big Heart''  in case this guy tried to slander him(he seemed like the type and the fact he was VIP made me concerned that some admins may take his side if he decided to twist the truth). Big Heart was professional all the way and showed no bias the entire time, last thing I want is for the guy to have a tarnished reputation for simply doing his job


Can you tell us more about the arrest?

Can you also describe what happened in the sit, what do you mean by throwing a tantrum exactly?

Most importantly, do you have any screenshots or solid evidence about your claims? Unfortunately, anecdotes and witness testimony are only considered as circumstancial evidence, if they are backed up by substantial evidence, such as screenshots or video in this case.


We already handled this situation, thanks for the heads up about Pesky and comment about Big though. We appreciate you taking the time to type this out for us.

Pesky Bee did appeal and it was denied, and he was banned from the forums for continuing to post appeals after being denied. This is his second time doing that actually, so he's a repeat offender. I was in vc with Big when everything went down and was able to actually see the chat logs for myself, and I was also given screen shots, so we were most fortunate to have an excess of evidence in this situation.

Again, we really appreciate you taking the time to give us a heads up about a troublesome player and a staff member doing their job correctly.

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