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TitsRP Market

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Selling all of my CC perms you can message me on discord @Keith#4818 if you got any questions on the perms or just wanna give me a offer and im offline <3

Buying C4 100k per | Buying Blowtorches 300k per | Buying Gun jam talismans/Stealth talismans/Reduced size talismans/Maxhealth,HealthRegen,ArmorRegen,KeepEffects, | Buying ArmorPacks 3k per||Just do !trade Keith If you wanna sell anything 

Buying Suga Dollars 25K Each !trade Keith/Msg me on discord if you have alot you want to sell.

Discord is Keith#4818

If Discord isnt your thing heres my steam account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/lildickgril666/

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Base Dupes:
  • Bases for Printing/Farming Money (3mi/200sugarl) Just ask around, ppl will vouch that i am a good builder
  • PD Dupes (3mil/200 sugar) Comes with all my pd builds which include: first floor defense, overwatches, crosswalks, etc
  • Kidnapping Dupes (1.5mil/100 sugar)
         (I do not raid people who use my dupes and i keep all my dupes up to date with the MOTD and i constantly update them to satisfy your needs and to make       my bases the most efficient and OP they can get)

Slots on my CCs:
  • Cop CC: Has 4 Weapon slots, couple different models, and raid protection from me. Prices are 350k per week, 1.3mil per month, and i am selling perma slots for a certain 
  • Raiding CC: Has 14 Weapon Slots, 31 SWEPS, and 8 Different Models, Prices are 1mil per week, 4.2 per month, and i am selling perma slots for a certain price.
         (I do not raid people who use my CC, and you will gain access to my own personal guns/Sweps that others will not be able to use. I always use the most OP/Meta Weapons.)

    PM me on TitsRP or Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/NejKXe4 
    I will also accept the
    equivalent Sugar/USD 



Selling: Perma Cop CC slot, 12 wep slots, has Ziggs/Molo/M21/
Normal models, just use your own
DM me on Discord for inquiries, Gent#8382
Price range differs, don't lowball - Accepting both irl & in-game

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