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[Gang] Tard Guards - Booper

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Hello and welcome to the Official Tard Guards' gang recruitment thread!


DO follow server rules. Not doing so will not only get you punished by a staff member, but you will also be kicked from the gang - regardless if you are an officer or not.
DO be respectful to other gang members. Not following this rule can have you kicked from the gang for being 'toxic'.
DO use common sense.
DO keep the gang in good standing. (As in, don't JUST join for the perks or so. Help out on grinding or you will be kicked).
DO report gang members who do not follow gang rules or server rules. Don't be bias or you will be in trouble. 
DO NOT raid other gang members. This is a huge NO. You will be kicked instantly if found out about that. (And proven to be true, obviously)
DO NOT apply for any other gangs while you're still in this one. If you want to join another gang, then please contact an Officer or higher before doing so or you will not ever get to re-join this gang.
DO NOT scam other gang members. You will be kicked if doing so.


Gang Level

Super Administrator (Owner) - Owner of the entire gang and can do whatever they want to.
Head Administrator (Executive Officer) - Are able to punish officers as well as members. Can start official gang meetings.
Administrator (Officer) - Officers are next in line of being an executive officer. They can kick members from the gang.
User (Member) - Simple members who wait to be promoted to Officer by doing good deeds for the gang.

Gang Mascot

[Image: 5e5c0312e45534f680d6662b0ed8d8ac.png]
Kotos, the Cyclops

Application Template
In-game name:
Server Rank:
Amount of money:
Favorite type of RP (Thief / Cop or Both)
Discord (Optional):
Why do you want to join this gang (please put detail)?:

Please do not shitpost by the way.
PS: Shitposting on this thread will have your post deleted and you will be warned. (https://www.titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=5116)


Application Template
In-game name: {GN} Isaac
Server Rank: Smod
Amount of money: 39mill
Favorite type of RP (Thief / Cop or Both) thief more sometimes cop.
Age: 15
Discord (Optional): @ {GN} Isaac
Why do you want to join this gang (please put detail)?:
I would like to join this gang because I’m not in one. This seems like it would he really fun to do. I like booper he is nice and fun . I would love to Be in the same gang as you. This would be a good way to be more with the community and meet NEw  people .

Thank you for your time 

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(10-08-2018, 02:03 AM){GN} Isaac Wrote: In-game name: {GN} Isaac
Accepted. I will invite you into the gang tomorrow!

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