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                          Discord and Gang Info

Welcome to the application page to join SKULL! We are a gang focused on gambling, raiding, basing, and making as much money as possible. PM me in-game, on discord, or on the forums to join the discord. We accept most people if they are active on the server, known on the server, and do not cause drama. Please note that not being one of these things may lead to you either being kicked or not accepted into the gang.
Basic Information

Gang level: 38

Head Admin: Muffin

Admins: None

Officers: None

Members: None

How to join

Basic Information

In-Game Name:

Steam Name:

Steam ID/Profile:

Hours on Gmod:

Personal Information 

Why do you want to Join SKULL?

Hours Last Week:

Game Tracker Score: 

Other groups/gangs:

Have you ever caused any drama or been apart of any drama? If so please state why and with whom.

What do you spend most of your time on the server doing?

Will you grind XP for the gang?

                                                      Will you not raid gangmembers and be respectful to all gangmembers?

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Skull? more like Gay XD

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