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The Face Of Evil


This is the face you see before the walls close in, and your ceiling falls upon you. This is the face you see when you get splashed by a fast moving car whilst walking along the sidewalk. This face is known to all, but challenged by next to none.

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Fuck, there goes $7,932,983 and my already fine-line will to live.


r u a gril? :3


Legend says the money you lose to this goes to Sugars account


the funny part is people actually try


can't count the number of new players ive seen try their luck


So far, my wins/losses are 5/2. Then again, I barely use him.


[Image: VNB98Oi.png]

F for a fallen soldier.


I remember back in the good old rich days for me I tried my luck with 100 mil. I got so mad I lost that I went on a long walk and ended up at a friends house and got smashed and left my PC on in that same spot. Sadly I spent the night But I’d like to think my character sat there the whole time looking depressed.


They say whoever looks at zek aka extreme gambler will be cursed with 10 years bad luck.

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