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CP arrest rules

(This post was last modified: 10-10-2018, 11:25 PM by Mr. Peanut Butter.)

wow. this is actually a really interesting thread. every message in the thread is very good so far. I'm gonna give my opinion as well.

I have been around here about a couple years now, and I could probably count it on my fingers the amount of times I have actually seen a baton rush be attempted at all. As someone who mainly plays this RP for the political and policing aspects, I can tell you that its really just not practical to baton rush someone in any situation that I can think of. Police are meant to be powerful, and for good reason too. I think the issue the OP is having is that they are playing casually on a server that accommodates certain styles of casual gameplay, but ultimately has a majority of hardcore players in the cop and criminal communities of the RP, and so essentially they just aren't as good of a criminal as they want to be. Instead of complaining about what happened and trying to nerf the cops, the OP should just play more learn how to counter different types of actions the police can take. Maybe try playing CP for an extended period of time. it does actually take some skill to be legitimately good at it, its not something that just anyone can do efficiently because its "OP".

There is hella strategy required for being good at either side, cops and criminals, and I don't think lowering fire rate of the arrest tool will be a viable solution, or do anything at all really, except for waste people's time. Typically, a good cop RPer will have you cuffed before you are wanted or arrested, and a really good cop might even have you in cuffs before you even know why. that's part of the skill and fun of it.

If you want to have a better chance at success you need to play the other side first and learn how it works, instead of just adding handicaps.

everything else is pretty well summed up. combat arresting isn't something that really happens here. if you hurt someone on titsrp they gonna shoot back 11/10 times. and there is already a cooldown on the arresting process.

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