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Gagged and muted for 30 minutes for quoting a VIP that used the ''N'' word


Your Steam Name: Frosty

Your ingame name: Panzer Hawk

Your Steam Profile/SteamIDSTEAM_0:0:64106654

Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): Tass and Kermit from the muppets 

Reasons why you are reporting: I got muted and gagged for quoting a player who should have been muted for using a racial slur

Evidence: I wanna make this clear that I don't want any of the admins I reported to get into any trouble, I get that they are doing their jobs but this no tolerance rule is complete BULL.  I have screenshots as evidence for my case.

PART ONE: I just hopped on the server and noticed a VIP player using a racial slur in chat (not /ooc) and there was an admin clearly there at the time and he did nothing about it. Was gunna ask him if he was gunna do anything about it but before I reached him he flew off (I didnt catch his name).

PART TWO: I said in ''/ooc'' If any admins saw that (hoping to get the attention of the one that flew by)

PART THREE: I noticed Tass just muted a guy for 15 minutes for breaking the same rule and thought maybe he could do something about it

PART 4: I quoted the guy for Tass to see but for some reason context doesn't god damn matter in this situation so HE and Kermit punished me instead (Giving me a 30minute mute and gag). 

PART 5: I sent a report to admin chat saying something along the lines of how BS it is that im being punished for trying to show the admins what some other guy said. I was denied and was told it didnt matter, if I said the word im gunna be punished for it (thats stupid af). What really pissed me off was that the guy i quoted never got any punishment, I checked chat twice but nothing showed up. They know damn well he did it but decided Im gunna be the one who gets punished. Ive been on this server since 2016 (check my warns) and I can tell you for a fact that for the first 2 years, staff members have used racial slurs in chat and in their RPnames. I get that you guys re-branded to be less toxic and I support that 100% but this entire situation is BS


Its understandable that you would want to give attention to someone you think is breaking the rules but do that in a sit and not in ooc. 

Also generally speaking if you say racial slurs with your friends not in the vicinity of other players or in a global chat its not punished


  • Someone said a bad word in local chat
  • You use racial slurs in OOC to get a mod's attention instead of calling a sit
  • "WHY DID I GET MUTED???!?"
Using racial slurs in global chats will get you muted. This is in the MOTD that you've had the opportunity to read since you started in 2016. If it bothers you that someone used a racial slur in local chat near you, you call a sit and NOT use the word that supposedly offended you in OOC.
Don't break rules and then complain that you got punished. You were told why you were muted, you know why you're muted, you don't get a special pass to break the rules just because someone else did it first.


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