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Potion making broken.



Description: The chemical engineer's table doesn't work properly, despite having the proper materials, it still thinks you don't have required materials to make potions. This has happened multiple times with multiple tables, sessions, etc.

How to reproduce: Buy materials, then try to craft the potion.

Priority: medium-high?


When crafting in bulk you have to go to the right of the potion you are crafting and scroll up to craft them: https://imgur.com/a/A9RppTt
But crafting potions in bulk is still a little buggy. Sometimes you cant scroll up. IDK how to reproduce this or fix this bug so i dont feel like making a report :/

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I have the same problem as mcstankers, but it's for individual potion making, as in it just says i don't have the required amount even though i have 1 elm wood and 1 bottle to make 1 hp pot. 

Nvm, I see what you're saying (I think) I'll tell him when i see him lol


Ive made potions and it works for me, mabye a video would help?


(10-17-2018, 09:27 PM)Muffin Wrote: Ive made potions and it works for me, mabye a video would help?

Bunziix helped alot, I told mcstankers so he's good now, it is still buggy though.

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