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Poll: Kidnapping
Is good for RP, and is a form of RP
Is bad for RP, and takes people out of RP situations for extensive periods of time
No opinion
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I would like to pose a question to you all. How do you feel about kidnapping


Like most things it has serious rp potential, but shitlords use it just to annoy people.


It has a good point, but I think the rules should be changed up a bit. Instead of ransom boxes, they should make it so that there is an option to pay set amount (Only 1k-10k (30k is just mean} constant in the corner of the screen they can press with the f3 option. The boxes are mingy and oftentimes not even used. So, I feel kidnapping should stay, but undergo some major changes. Also, maybe a higher price in the CC editor (600 suga instead of 300 (like lightsabers} so that they aren't in evry fucking CC.


Personally, I would love it to be removed entirely for the reason Walter mentioned above. I understand that it has potential in RP, but at the same time the person, out of character, wants absolutely nothing to do with it. I think there should be an opt-out or a way to just not partake in the kidnapping. Like cops cuffing during a raid, I have actually been kidnapped many times by people who use adrenaline and the bludgeon mid raid, just to get me, or a jugger, out of PD. That, or remove it from the CC Editor completely, let only cultists and the like kidnap, because I'm sick of the random CC's that can flood the server with kidnappers. It is hard to roleplay when you spend a good 100+ seconds in someone's home because they have adrenaline and a bludgeon, and they decided to fuck with you today. At the least I want them to cut down the kidnap time from what it is to 60 seconds, or 30. If that is too much, I also suggest making it so that if you are kidnapping, you must give them a way out. For example, there is a popular kidnap dupe next to PD, where once thrown in you cannot get out. If you are PD, you have a lockpick. Make it so that they can lockpick their way out, or have a way to escape, not just sit on your ass for 100+ seconds.

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I have the Idea of making it Failrp just to kidnap and run away, 
Basically if you Kidnap and just Put them in an empty room or just leave them where they were or not give them the box or a way to get out of the kidnapped states , You'd be failing to Role Play. and you can be punished for it

 I don't think it should be removed entirely as it's a role play and it's kinda fun I guess? but some adjustments to it as I suggested would be much better.
(10-22-2018, 03:31 AM)T1K uTOOB Wrote: Instead of ransom boxes, they should make it so that there is an option to pay set amount (Only 1k-10k (30k is just mean} constant in the corner of the screen they can press with the f3 option.

I like this idea so much, as it solves the issue of boxes not being delivered


What jacket said, this can help eliminate all this mingy kidnapping. Make it failrp to not place a box down as well


Time and time again this thread is made and I will always give the same answer, kidnapping is fine and doesn’t need any tweaking at this point. If you do not like kidnapping, party up. Kidnapping is not even as frequent as it used to be.


Kidnapping is already a hassle since anyone can kill you when you kidnap. The current system for kidnapping is fine, it shouldn't be changed at all. Anyone can get adrenaline and anyone can get bludgeons. If you're really that bad that you get kidnapped by the raider mid raid just put your back to a wall


you all really fall into this trap of the op.

I think kidnapping is good as it is. If you're getting kidnapped alot git gud


Kidnapping can be really annoying. When I get kidnapped i'm always shouting in discord for my friends to "KILL THE FUCKER!" However, I personally don't think it should be removed. I think there should be a way where you can force yourself to wake up. I'm not sure how it's gonna be done, but it's my idea.

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