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Poll: Kidnapping
Is good for RP, and is a form of RP
Is bad for RP, and takes people out of RP situations for extensive periods of time
No opinion
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(10-22-2018, 07:55 AM)|-ICE-| Danny Wrote:  I think there should be a way where you can force yourself to wake up. 

pick the talent called wide awake


(10-22-2018, 07:55 AM)1-800-Suicide Wrote: you all really fall into this trap of the op.

I think kidnapping is good as it is. If you're getting kidnapped alot git gud

Read walters post above, this sums up what you are saying.


Sugar said himself that it's suppose to be annoying.


(10-22-2018, 04:57 AM)Mason Gekido Wrote: Personally, I would love it to be removed entirely for the reason Walter mentioned above. I understand that it has potential in RP, but at the same time the person, out of character, wants absolutely nothing to do with it. I think there should be an opt-out or a way to just not partake in the kidnapping. Like cops cuffing during a raid, I have actually been kidnapped many times by people who use adrenaline and the bludgeon mid raid, just to get me, or a jugger, out of PD. That, or remove it from the CC Editor completely, let only cultists and the like kidnap, because I'm sick of the random CC's that can flood the server with kidnappers. It is hard to roleplay when you spend a good 100+ seconds in someone's home because they have adrenaline and a bludgeon, and they decided to fuck with you today. At the least I want them to cut down the kidnap time from what it is to 60 seconds, or 30. If that is too much, I also suggest making it so that if you are kidnapping, you must give them a way out. For example, there is a popular kidnap dupe next to PD, where once thrown in you cannot get out. If you are PD, you have a lockpick. Make it so that they can lockpick their way out, or have a way to escape, not just sit on your ass for 100+ seconds.


basically the same reason as this thread, this was a long time ago and since then kidnapping has been tweaked to be less annoying, I think it is absolutely without a doubt fine now and may need a change or even a buff to make it more relevant again. 

also the part i highlighted, you're absolutely stuck for 100+ seconds if you don't pay your ransom box, thats the entire incentive of paying it, if you don't want to pay, go afk.


Kidnapping is KOS. If someone kidnaps you, just have the people around you kill them. Unless, of course, you're disliked in that case people maybe won't care. But anyway I can agree to a certain point that getting kidnapped and them sticking a boombox in your cell and micspamming is annoying


I like what T1K made a suggestion but new players will be like "what the fuck am I supposed to do."
Possibly make it so that kidnappers have to put down the kidnap box if you get kidnapped. Just so people don't just minge and kidnap in the middle of the road and run.
I don't see a problem with kidnapping or whatever, if I get kidnapped I just be like "bleh" and then wait and go and watch youtube or mic spam.


I don't see a issue with kidnapping, yeah its annoying and what not, but its just like being arrested, but you can be saved by other people and what not. It is however extremely frustrating at times. I wouldn't mind seeing a rework or a new feature added. I'm not sure what but I'd like it lmao


if I get kidnapped I just make annoying noises until my kidnapper kills me, works 99% of the time.

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The problem with kidnapping it is a good idea on paper, but in all reality it's just toxic. If kidnapping was used in a LEGITIMATE roleplay scenario instead of people just doing it for shits and giggles, this topic wouldn't be brought up every week.  Kidnapping is rarely used for roleplaying, if at all. The only legitimate roleplay I have seen is the Deli boi's selling fresh GMO free meat.

Then you have the issue of custom CC items which sugar would have to refund people if it got removed (which it should have never came to that point, they shouldn't be on CC's at all, period)

"Kidnapping isn't as frequent as it used to be" - is a bunch of shit, you can still walk down the street and have one person just constantly kidnap, falling down from the roof and trying to kidnap you - only to jump back up to said roof or run away with adrenaline.

Kidnapping does not have to be removed entirely, but a change can be made to stop all the trolling shit. It's not fun to get knocked out only to sit in a closet that a player didn't own before.

Maybe you can make it so if someone is getting kidnapped, they can't buy a door / spawn props until they are at least awake (if you do not have any already). That way people can't just toss you in a room, throw a fence up and then just set a fading door/keypad up while you're there.

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