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Might be leaving again.


Like I have done many times before, I might be leaving once more. I am finding less and less reason to come back with the way things are on the server. Where it used to help me with depression, it only makes it worse with the toxicity of people amongst its community. That is not to say it is 100% without hope, I do still have genuine fun, It is just that, that is far and few in between games. With what is going on in my life, I find it harder to keep going. I have no job, I'm a single parent, I am fully reliant on my mother currently, I have no license, etc. I need to focus on me and get my life straight before I am dragged into a hole of depression once more.


Good luck fam, hopefully you're able to stay but if not we all know why. Feel free to throw some names to look out for if you feel like that'll help others avoid them!

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Take all the time you need and I hope things start looking up for you, things will improve if you keep moving forward!


Get it together before you come back. Take care of your self. We'll still be here. (Even though dd suks).


Do what you need to do, Life > TitsRP

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Take all the time you need and come back whenever you can


Sad to see you go Mason. 
Trust me, things do get better. Just keep at it. I look forward into seeing you log on again.


It is best to focus on your life than the server / a game. Sad to see you go, but take all the time need to. Hope to be seeing you around again soon!


I'm very sorry about how your feeling and how life is treating you atm. Things will eventually turn around for you and hopefully its sooner rather than later.

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Keep in touch Kamala/Mason, come back soon. Let us know how you've changed for the better.

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