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Intentional RDM

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Your Steam Name:   Jacket
Your ingame name: Jacket1 or MTF Beta 4 SGT Jacket 
Your Steam Profile/SteamID: www.steamcommunity.com/id/monkoash
Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): List it or we won't bother to really help you. You can get this easily by pressing TAB and clicking on their name and clicking their profile text. It will copy it to your clipboard and you can paste it hereSlippzy    STEAM_0:0:156018481
Reasons why you are reporting: List your story/anecdote/storypiece here. 
Mayor has a law that sates: "Required to show arrest baton or KOS"   I'm in the PD Lobby enforcing the law of Killing anyone who's not a COP in the PD lobby,

Slippzy comes on, looks at me for 2 seconds, and types in chat "Baton" and Opens Fire withing a Second of typing it, No window for me to react to his request.
I believe he should be punished because I believe he was pissed at me for raiding him earlier today, and He did this just so he can Kill me and Get away with it.
Evidence: Post videos, screenshots, anything that can help. Numerous screenshots help, a decently lengthed video of the person you're reporting in action helps too. If you don't have any evidence, tough luck.

The log of him asking me for "Baton": 
19:29:05 Player Slippzy (Fantasma) said baton
The Log of him First opening Fire at me:
19:29:06 Player Slippzy (Fantasma) attacked MTF Beta 4 SGT Jacket (MTF Juggernaut Unit) with fo3_laserrifle. New Health: 93
Logs of his chat so I won't be missing anything: 
Logs of My Damage so I won't be missing anything:
The Log of him finally Killing me:
19:29:08 Player Slippzy (Fantasma) killed MTF Beta 4 SGT Jacket (MTF Juggernaut Unit) with weapon fo3_laserrifle

Note: I have filed a report and a staff has taken it, He thought Slippzy's Intention was to "RP" only, but I totally disagree.
I think his "Verbal warning" wasn't suited for the situation and I'd like to get other staff's Opinion on the matter.
And I Have nothing against the Staff himself, I respect what he did and I'm thankful for his work

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I'm missing a screenshot of 19:29:05 Player Slippzy (Fantasma) said baton
Other than that, 1 second is clearly not enough, let alone saying "baton".

Since it was his first time encountering a sit about this context he was verbally warned and got adressed to change it up.
Normally a player would be warned but since it was his first time Sewer decided to let him go with a verbal warn.
In my opinion Sewer has dealt with the sit well enough so that Slippzy will not do this again.

I am curious to see what others think.


I believe a person would have more common sense regarding the law than just saying "baton" and opening fire. Given this information it is quite likely that Slippzy had intentions of getting back at Jacket. It could be a misunderstanding but if Sewer handled it I trust his judgement.


I honestly think the way it was handled was ok and a verbal warning was fine. It was a first offence and getting a real warn for this would be controversial to some. 
Because of the verbal warn Slippzy will probably not do this again and putting it on record would be unnecessary as he DID ask you for the baton, although no time to react is bad.
Getting warned for not giving someone time to do something would be very dumb in my eyes.
I think the situation was handled good and no further action is needed.


The amount of warns he has for rdm.. lmao, this should for sure be a warn and not a verbal. I'm sure he has gotten plenty of verbals considering how many actual warns he has also. 

I'd love for this to be a warning instead, verbal was too kind for someone that is clearly minging and rdming alot


After further discussion, we have decided to go ahead and give Slippzy an actual warn due to the fact of how many RDM warns he previously has.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


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