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Warn Appeal


(11-09-2018, 02:51 PM)Walter the Assaulter Wrote: Did you paste the dupe in before or after the revolt began?
Why did you paste in an untested dupe in the first place? Why didn't you check over it in single player first or wait until nobody was revolting since we know bad dupes have been going around lately?
Did the player present this as a valid dupe and scam you? Did you spend over the scam limit for it? Did you receive your money back?

Since it seems like a genuine accident I'm not sure if it needs to stay, but it was a little dopey since we know bad dupes have been making their rounds so I dunno. You are responsible for what your own props are doing and it caused a disruption to one of our biggest RP situations (a revolt).

I pasted the dupe not 5 mins before the revolt began. Once I placed the last keypads, Isaac started his revolt.

I honestly made a judgement call and thought the dupe was fine, considering Miao made it, and he follows basing rules 99% of the time.

Once again, I didn't wanna give up my Mayor job. I had already gotten all my laws down. 

I mean, he did present it as a valid dupe, but I believe he was unaware that it was a glitch base, as Miao mains CP and only seen it from one side, defending. As for the amount he charged me for, it was free, so no, he didn't scam me.

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I understand that you didn't really expect Isaac to revolt against you right after you pasted the dupe, but in future cases, please do make sure you know how the dupe works. I am a man of second chances, yes, but not third chances. 

Just to make a rundown, I suppose, here's what I recommend doing when you are given a dupe:
  • Properly look over the dupe - make sure there aren't any errors or bugs with the dupe
  • Contact the creator of the dupe to get any details of it
  • Test the dupe with your friends to see how it works during a raid scenario (this could prevent you being reported for any glitches)
Your warn may be removed, but do take the time to properly review over a dupe beforehand or this may happen again.


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