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[Official] Rep Removing Guidelines/Appeal Template

(This post was last modified: 11-28-2018, 02:09 PM by SEWER OVERLORD.)

This will be a guideline on Removing "Bad" and "Trash" Reputation Points. 

Please only ask for your -Reps and +Reps to be removed if they meet the following Criteria.

NOTE: Staff can deny your request at any moment for any reason they deem fit.

+/- Repping should follow RP format and provide value. An example of a correct -rep would be, "Scamming, didn't pay for prints."

New Addition: In order for your bad negative reps to be removed, your bad positive reps will also be deleted. Meaning if you have a +1 rep saying "Eeeeeee" it will be removed along with your bad negative reps. This can be both good and bad. Meaning you will still fall a few reputation points, but your overall rep will look cleaner. It's your choice to start the removal process.

These guidelines are for higher staff to follow when removing the reputation points.

1) Reps that include racist remarks such as "Nigger", "Chink", "Likes only 1 race" and any other slurs and variations are to be removed.
2) Reps that provide no value, such as "EEEEEEEEEe3" and "1" are to be removed. These are what we call "Trash" reps.
3) Reps that are obviously made to minge/meme such as "His mom gay" and "Fat and Jewish" are to be removed.
4) Reps that include the keywords "Rep-Whoring", "Faggot", and others are to be removed.

This list is subject to change with time. If you believe there to be missing criteria of a bad rep, please message SEWER OVERLORD#0666 on Discord and I will determine the severity of the rep and see if it will be added.

This is a Rep Appeal Template. Please copy it and fill out the following fields with as much detail as possible. Then send this to an available Server Admin and they will get back with you shortly. (Credit of template goes to Booper Scooper)

Your in-game name
Steam ID:
Rep(s) being removed (reason and rating):
Why do you want said rep(s) removed?:

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