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questionable staff behavior


We've decided to mark this report as accepted and the appropriate action will be taken to make sure this does not happen to anyone again. Staff are expected to enforce the rules at all times, whether they are active and on duty or not.

(This post was last modified: 11-14-2018, 12:26 PM by Walter the Assaulter.)

It looks like B Money got too dwunk last night.
There's no issues with you asking why somebody killed you. In general we would ask you to not go back and talk to them in case it was a valid RP scenario, but in this case it was literally a citizen randomly punching you to death. 
I don't believe it's B Money's responsibility to pro-actively act in a case where it looks like your friend is RDMing you. You made the choice to not call a sit and then complained when staff failed to intervene.

B Money, don't drink and staff. The first thing I thought when I watched the video is "how much did he have to fucking drink"
While Corp is tinybrain and using the phrase "NLR only exists in raids" should be a bannable offense, not everything is NLR. 
If you see someone asking a random citizen who is currently punching them to death why they previously punched them to death for seemingly no reason, I would think it'd be a better course of action to bring them to a sit to resolve their differences rather than yell about someone NLRing back to their base that they're obviously just trying to build on.

Also Corp, don't be a fake hobo ever again or I will make you homeless.

B Money will be talked to about his behavior last evening and additional punishments may be given out as determined by the senior staff team. 
I am also personally unhappy with the personal attacks against B Money on the responses to this report. Seriously, guys. 
Thank you for your report, Corp.

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