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I got banned for 30 mins for no reason


let me get this straight. First he started a vote kick against your for no reason. Then he leaked the pd code and arrested you for being corrupted? Then he proceeded to ban you for getting back on the server? This very much looks suspicious and very not allowed but we’ll wait for him to respond before coming to a conclusion.


Could you post more or more complete evidence instead of cut out parts? 

Cc's can be colored that way too, hard to tell if he was a cp or a cc.
Other than that, the votekick had no legit reason in it and he made you wanted for fucking cunt which is failrp and abusing vip to votekick.

I would really like to hear anime jesus his side before taking action.

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Yeah please explain this again.. so did you ask how to vote kick someone in OOC and then he vote kicked you because he knew you were asking to kick him? If so, that sounds like intentional abuse of his VIP rank.


If Anime Jesus/lil moist does not reply soon, his VIP will be revoked and a punishment will be given.


Alright il explain the story.First of all,my grenade killed the mayor because he was too close I mean he said "harder bby"then yeet cuffed me and left me cuffed.Sometime later there was  another mayor and I was his assassin and I was trying to come in but yeet was spamming keys on door so I votekicked him.After kick he came back and  started doing the same thing again I believe this report was made by him while almost everyone were agreed because I kicked the minges.


But your kick reason for this was “this is hot you votekick” then after you banned for coming back which isn’t a valid reason you banned another different guy for door minging

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The Staff Team has discussed this report and will be issuing a warning to Big John / Anime Jesus for false vote banning/kicking. A second offense will result in the removal of his VIP. 
Thank you for making this report and please don't hesitate to make a new report if this happens again. 

Big John - just because you kicked someone for being a minge does not automatically mean you only kick people who are being minges. You provided zero evidence in your defense which is why we have accepted this report. 

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