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My VIP rank is gone


A while ago I stumbled onto this Dark RP server and thought it was really cool. I eventually bought a VIP rank, and I had so much fun. Then, the server wiped, and I was promised that I would eventually get my VIP title back. I ended up taking a break from GMOD all together, but when I came back last Friday, I still did not have it. I asked a moderator about how I can get it back, and they said that they did not have the power to give me VIP. The moderator said I had to talk to the admin, this was the easiest way I could think of. Can I still get my VIP back? Still love the server and play as much as I can! Thanks for reading this too Smile


Who promised you and do you have evidence of any of this for us?


In order to have a chance at restoring the supposed VIP you lost, you'll need to provide us evidence or give us a name of who said this to you so we can confirm it. If you cannot provide evidence, then we cannot do much of anything.

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