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Get out of jail free card

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Description: Get out of jail free card

How to reproduce: Needs another person with a kissing swep eg. an alien (Player x), a cp to cuff (Player y), and the player being fined(Player z).
  1.  Player y fines player z for bounty
  2.  Player x kisses player  z right before they automatically go to jail (might work if they just click refuse fine )
Priority: Medium-Medium high

Aftermath/Expected Result: Player z ends up uncuffed/in arrested state but outside of jail and in the place where they were fined. You can get unarrested by walking into/out of pd
(This happened 1-2 days ago on the right of pd in that little tunnel area with stairs to apartments, ramp to in pd, and to the back of a shop/store. )

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