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Staff Application Template Suggestions


I want to go over some things with the staff application template and we want your opinion on what you want changed. Even though the template was changed quite recently, I'm all ears on your suggestions or issues you may have with the current template.
Tell us if you want something added or removed or just changed up a little and we can look threw the suggestions and we can all go over what you guys want change or removed or added so please leave your suggestions below.


The application itself was entirely made to get players to THINK about them. You have to use your mind (well, mainly for the Expert Questions, but the normal scenarios too I suppose). Perhaps boiling down to a well-rounded application is the best thing to do. 

Ex: Removing not really necessary questions, create questions that go down to the core of the server's staff, etc.

Even though this wasn't entirely a suggestion, just my thought about it. 

"Make it only 3 questions long, remove scenarios, give everyone staff!!!"


Make people take a mental evaluation and a personality test before they becoe staff. Also make them submit a resume


Would like it if it had choices and you had to back up your choice, would make them think of what the better option would be.

For example, the printer/building sign scenario. Would you teleport and check for the sign or would you !spectate to see the sign? Why?


Some people get real confused on the app even though it’s pretty simple if you use your cheat sheet (The rules) as booper said maybe remove some of the questions maybe the per say harder ones so people have an easier time cause they are going to go through training and learn lots of the basics and have some time to go over the rules and you can’t even really make someone with no experience about staffing answer a question about using the logs or implemented staff tools

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