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Fix your Server


Firstly id like to start off by saying you really need to get admins on your server more often. I'm tired of seeing a dozen cops arresting people and rdming. I just got fucking banned for being a "whiny faggot" when i get arrested for countless bounties on me for simply not trying to get arrested randomly. I was setting up a shop, literally only that. I did absolutely nothing and cops keep randomly arresting people, then antagonize me by saying "keep walking" and shit. It's honestly fucking annoying how much power these people have when admins aren't on. They will gang up and vote ban you for avoiding being arrested, this is honestly getting fucking stupid ridiculous. Why is it allowed to have 10 people vote out of 30 and still get a pass for me to be banned for no reason. Maybe it was the dozen cops ganged up on me for no other reason than to power flex? DO FUCKING SOMETHING, jesus fucking christ.


IM very sorry this happened to you. If you have any proof of players mass rdming  mass rdaing or any type of rule breaking.  Plz informe me or other staff.  You could also report on the report section.

I highly advise that when there is no staff on record so if needed we can look at that evidence and deal with the situation.


I will bring this up in our staff meeting today.


Feel free to apply we could Use more peeps


sounds like a jolly good time


Fix your attitude. However much you think we can, we can not just snap our fingers and fix everything. It takes effort from people like you. I don't mean effort as in typing out a paragraph to whine. I mean getting videos, taking screenshots of the logs that may be available to you(!slogs), reporting individual player by name, ect. There are PLENTY of things you can do besides typing an angry letter and cussing at the staff team demanding they fix it. Take some initiative and do something productive.


(12-29-2018, 12:23 PM)Doc McStubbins Wrote: Lol go kys stupid user im admin i dont need to do anything for u XD

100% agree.

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Sorry about not getting any proof, i know i should do this more but i was very heated in that moment and i simply forgot. If it happens again i will definitely record it, but one helpful thing you could possibly do is assign atleast one or two admins late at night to come on. I dont know if you've done this already or not. Aswell even as i dont have proof i did see a moderator go through my door.


You have to realize that late at night - there are probably little to no players at all. Thus, the minges come out. If you have VIP I believe you still can vote kick them.


(12-29-2018, 02:18 PM)1-800-Suicide Wrote:
(12-29-2018, 12:23 PM)Doc McStubbins Wrote: Lol titsmc gets more players than this server , go whine on titsmc's forums not here kid xdddd

100% agree.

Congratz on graduating pookalis

R.I.P bill cosby he kys after using the gambler npc

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