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Cop Models Not Sticking Bug

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Quality of Life

Description: Cop CC Models do not stick after you log off

How to reproduce: Get on a Cop CC, have access to Custom Models, equip one, then relog. It may be after every reset. https://plays.tv/video/5c29833f498010aac...icking-bug

Priority: Low


I have same bug, chaning it via the old model selection and model pool both dont work


This is a known bug that started happening in the last 2 months I believe, and it has been reported 3 times but hasn't been fixed.
If you Apply a Custom Model to your COP CC it would reset back to the default Model after server resets.


Any solutions yet?


This is intentional to reduce load times & I think a while ago a lot of people were crashing upon loading into the server.

The solution is to allow cop models to load automatically. The problem is that this would nearly double the amount of models you need to download on connect.
We should discuss this in a future meeting but I think generally more people would be in favor of how it is now.

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