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Claim your own Santa presents



Description: you can claim your own Santa presents 

How to reproduce: Go Santa, place all presents down, change job, press e on all presents

Priority: Low

Probably an easy fix, just make all presents disappear when you change jobs, but idk.


This is a known...issue I believe, not bug. This is technically self-supplying, so I wouldn't consider this a bug.


I believe this is not intended, as the previous Santa you couldn't claim your own gifts..
they would disappear instantly after you switch jobs.


The man has been giving presents to everybody else except him his whole life. Let him have some presents for himself damn.

But Jacket isnt lying. If you changed jobs the presents would disappear so that might be a bug or not.


This is not an exploit, or a bug, or an issue at all. Sugar intended for this to happen. Someone last year reported a few people for doing this, and Sugar replied with "that is allowed, its for Christmas". So this infact is allowed during the holidays when the job is a default job.

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