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Racism in OOC

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Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): List it or we won't bother to really help you. You can get this easily by pressing TAB and clicking on their name and clicking their profile text. It will copy it to your clipboard and you can paste it here.
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so Both say the N word (one of them replaces the Gs with Bs) and they don't get punished, even when Tass was on and ACTIVE!
People get Muted/kicked for saying "N word" yet these fellas got away with actually saying it.

Evidence: Post videos, screenshots, anything that can help. Numerous screenshots help, a decently lengthed video of the person you're reporting in action helps too. If you don't have any evidence, tough luck.



I believe sugar said to us to lighten up on the use of the word. Ass blaster definitely should get a punishment and on the North sides of things I don't exactly know if sugar meant for us to stop muting for that way of saying it. It's really all up to debate except for the ass blaster part. I was messing with b0ne at the time so who knows.


So there has been plenty of discussion about this lately and the final decision was made by Sugar that although we are to lighten up on the usage of this word, there is no place for it in Global chat. If you decide you absolutely need to call your friend your nigga or something in local chat then that is acceptable, but for you to /advert or OCC the word is not appropriate. Both users will be warned for Racism in OCC and I will work on editing the MOTD to clarify the different uses of the word in local chat vs global chat.

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