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Based on the subject line, you should know what this is about. If you didn't know, Rigbe got perma-banned off some complete bs. I'm not going into details. If you want to talk about that, dm me @Rastaman Vibrations #3318 on Discord. Moving on, this is aimed at the upper administration (Doc, Big Heart, Walter the Assaulter, Sugar) who in my humble opinion have made a terrible call. 

Big Heart and Doc, I'm not sure what your roles were in this (if you even had one). I honestly think you two were along for the ride on this one. You two get a minor pass (for now).

Sugar, I already spoke to you. Nothing more needs to be said. I know how you feel on this subject and respect you for even taking the time to respond to my inquiry.

That just leaves you Walter. In my mind, you're the mastermind behind this whole thing. You probably called the meeting that decided Rigbe's fate. I'm about 98% sure that Sugar wouldn't go out of his way to do this kind of thing. I knew two days ago when you were all over our group that something was off. Something about the way you were interacting with us was strange. Mainly because before then you NEVER gave any of us that kind of attention. For you to come out of the blue acting like you want to be a part of what we were doing seemed odd at worst. Gut feelings are usually spot on and I was right in my assumption. That fake mask you put on to try and hide your little "investigation" may have fooled some people, but you couldn't fool me. This decision is a complete 360 from many months ago at the height of a different situation involving Rigbe (you were out there defending him if I remember correctly). If you felt that he was that kind of person, why not just let him know. Why be a snake and go through all of this? To what end? I'm not going to go speculate anything.

There have been other suspicious perma bans over the past few months as well, but those I won't get into. Other users can surely do that. Feel free to use this DISCUSSION thread to discuss your grievances.

All I know is that there's something rotten in the state of TitsRP. The higher up the staff chain you go, the more rancid the smell. Walter, if you have anything to say that contradicts my conspiracy theory, by all means, please share it. Either here, or dm me on Discord (@Rastaman Vibrations #3318). But please, spare me the cliches. ("He's been warned about this in the past." "He has a history.") I don't want cliches. I want answers.

I know what's most likely going to happen though. This thread will either be locked or deleted. I'll most likely receive a forum ban. Those actions would confirm my suspicions. 

Final words: Free my man Rigbe. He's not that kind of person. We all know that. #FreeRigbe


I'll try to forward this to the people mentioned, I myself have no clue why he got banned and it was completely kept quiet I guess. The only thing I can really say is the past few days I've seen you and your group of people just having fun on the server running around and minding your own business, but again, I'm clueless. Forwarding this to them now. Good luck.


I don't understand what Rigbe has done recently that would give him the ban reason "Removal from community." From what I've seen, he's been doing fine. This is a very interesting situation and would like to know more.


You have a lot of speculation and a lot of "probably" in your post. I guess you're trying to bait me into making some kind of response, but I can't really figure out what the goal is here so...meh? I'm definitely going to be closing this thread because we're not going to let people start stupid drama over this situation. Sugar Tits, the administrators, and a senior moderator were made well aware of every single detail and the final decision was made by one of the admins with everyone else's, including my own, approval. Everyone involved with the decision (except the smod) was in a voice chat with Rigbe for close to 30 minutes, nobody was unaware of any details and Rigbe had plenty of opportunity to defend himself.


I don't think the closing of this thread was the right thing to do. A lot of people are left in the dark as to why Rigbe was banned so let me explain why he was banned as its nothing really personal. I also want to say that my influence and all admin influences on his ban was nothing more of what is and isn't morally correct as that is what this boils down to. No one targeted Rigbe. This issue was presented to us so we decided to see what the best course of action was.

Rigbe was banned for weird advancements on a player who is underage while himself is a lot older. The player in question is 15 while Rigbe himself is over 20 years years old. These players were doing some erotic roleplaying in PMs and in public in game. It wasn't anything hardcore but you can just envision it as some weird sexual roleplay that goes into a lot of detail.

Generally, this isn't an issue. No staff or player will care about what you're into or how you present it as long as when you're told to chill out that you do. The issue is that the player in question told someone else that he doesn't know if Rigbe is actually being serious and how he feels uncomfortable when Rigbe makes these advancements. He did also say he didn't want any action taken on Rigbe if he was to theoretically get in trouble for this.

If you're asking "Well did the player in question consent to having this sexual conversation and why does this really matter because its really just Rigbe being weird" (like I was, because I seriously didn't understand it at the time).

The reason why this isn't okay is because the kid is underage and because hes obviously somewhat nervous about the situation if he had to PM another member chat logs "just in case it got out of hand". When we brought this up to Rigbe he just laughed and said it was a joke. While I firmly believe Rigbe had no malicious intentions to get anything out of the kid other than to please his own fantasies, I just don't think it would have stopped unless we / the player told him too. It wasn't until Rigbe found out the player was slightly uneasy where he finally said that he wasn't going to continue with it anymore.

This whole situation probably would of went down with a big warning but this also isn't the first time Rigbe has been warned about his interactions with other players. Apparently doing ERP is something Rigbe does a LOT with other players and who knows whats really going on behind the scenes. This ban was to protect potential players from his weird antics. Now, I get it. The people defending him are saying "It was a joke. He wasn't serious". To that I just have to say this isn't the first time.

I fully understand it can very well be a joke but you have to view it from a staffs perspective. Do you really think this kind of behavior should be allowed? Do you really think that the community should just say "well shit if he doesn't like it then he should just block him". It doesn't matter if the kid consented and started firing it back at him, hes just too young. If the kid was older and along Rigbe's age then who cares (as long as both parties were fine with it).

If that still doesn't convince you why he isn't banned, let me ask you a few questions:

Do you think a 20+ year old guy should be talking sexually over the internet to a 15 year old boy?
If your answer is yes, what if I said he was concerned for himself when he saved chat logs by sending it to another player just incase things "got out of hand"?
If your answer is still somehow yes, do you think its okay for this to happen several times over the past few months where it had to be brought to staff & admin attention?
If your answer is still somehow yes, you got some issues.

While his ban was permanent, he was banned on the holding that his ban length would be reviewed in the near future. This is just to say we won't let this behavior slide since it has happened too many times between him and other players in a documented manner (who knows how many other players were involved in this). No one banned him cause we don't like Rigbe, just think about it.

tl:dr Rigbe talked sexual things to a minor (20+ vs 15 years old). Minor kept chat logs incase things got out of hand and messaged another player. This isn't the first time this happened. Its morally wrong and as staff members this is what we gotta deal with. His ban isn't really perma as it can be reviewed in the near future.

This thread will remain open, feel free to discuss things in a civil manner if you wish, if it gets toxic then it will be closed.


We are tasked with protecting the security of the server and most importantly, our players. We are obligated to handle this situation and ignoring it would be negligence on our part. If anyone has questions or doubts I suggest you consult your local law enforcement.


yes obviously if minor is not comfortable and contacted staff theres something not right, i tihnk this is a part of the story not alot of people knew.


June Mk II? Honestly, I don't like some of the things Walter has done recently (cough), but Rigbe has been skating on shaved ice all year. Final straw? I'd think so.


Idk man porn is free and there's some kinky shit poppin' round so it's probably best for Rigbe to go there for his kicks instead of good old BreastsRP.

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