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Mega basing


Are you allowed to mega base if it's covering an NPC? Like are you allowed to base the entire PD because there is an NPC that allows for you to run for mayor. I don't see a rule for it but I'd like to clarify because there could be people exploiting that. Other reasons I ask is because I'd like to go into PD and run for mayor without being forced to advert a "raid" when all I want to do is use the NPC.


"DO NOT block off NPCs, everyone needs to get to them"

-https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=4 (Under General Rules)

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Does this count even if the barrier is a hackable barrier? Asking for future reference because it was done by a moderator.

Because as I said I would be forced to advert a raid on the PD for using a NPC. It gets highly annoying when you're being forced to and then be questioned by the mod that put the barrier why I'm not adverting the "raid" when I just want to get into the lobby to use the NPC.


If the PD is blocked off (from the outside, doors locked, etc) it would still be considered raiding. (Even though it should be open at all times unless building). You cannot block an NPC via fading door, etc. 

Technically the rules conflict with each other since there is the mayor NPC - admun call.


Yeah and I agree with the building thing, during the grace period, but the doors were open. the prop doors were fading and that's not to mention the NPC is still blocked off door with the said fading door. Now if it was a law that the PD was closed although it is an NPC you can't use it until the mayor is dead sooo. I guess that but he kept up the build even after the mayor had died, and it wasn't a law that PD ( Lobby ) was closed to non-cp.

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The MOTD states that the cops have the right to close any and/or all doors including the front doors!

You can only mega base with certain jobs such as:  
  • The Mafia Leader + Mafia Troops
  • Crips Leader + Crips
  • Bloods Leader + Bloods
and you also have to obtain a certain amount of players that follow the same Job rules....
I mean this is all in the MOTD you should check it out at least

However you can Mega base a certain area with an NPC, BUT!
you have to make a clear and safe path to all players to access the NPC without being interrupted!
The path would not count towards your territory, that means you can't KOS people for trespassing!

Hope this reply helped you with your "future references"

The MOTD: https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=4

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Trust me it did lol thanks again.

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