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Mute / Censor Racism in OOC


Have it so when someone drops the N word in OOC it changes it to something else.


really? why? this aint roblox.


Sorry, I'm a bit out of date and just now catching up with community. Are people saying the N word with a r or not? Cuz I see many complaints about it now. I feel like if people are saying it to their friend or in an rp related way it shouldn't be something to cry over.(if ending with an a)


Sugar said that he really doesn't like censoring and stuff, cuz you know, freedom of speech and all. I tried suggesting a sort of thing like this to him and he shot it down.


okay ######


It's only in OOC though. It's not in general / pm / local chat. Either that, or when someone says it in OOC it automatically gigamutes them.


I'm going to say the n word 



It wouldn't be like ***** or ##### - it'd be a word replacement. It used to be on sassilization and saying Nazi would change it to "Dirt Shirt".


I like this idea and have seen it be effective on many different servers. As mentioned before, sugar is personally against censorship and I think the fact the words were being used in an offensive way is the only thing that is an issue nowadays. We can handle those cases and still allow people to speak freely in a nonoffensive way. A great idea but likely will not gain the support of Sugs.


This would be a cool idea but it would be better if it would just auto mute them when they use the hard r or anything bad in ooc

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