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I am so proud of this community

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 8 hours ago

Well first off its cold in here, I was not disrespecting rubik I simply said his ban was false. I never called him a name. And rubik im not sure who called a sit on me but if I was to take a guess it would be the little kid who got arrested because he was past the second door of pd when there was a sign that said AOS IF PAST SECOND DOORS OF PD. He was the only one that game that claimed I rdad him and I even showed him the sign after he got out of jail and he still said it was rda. I swear I didn't rda or rdm anyone.   

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 54 minutes ago

If you had been online I would have definitely shared the evidence with you right then and there. I will unban you but you will be CP banned for a few days as punishment. If you get any reports on you in the meantime the appeal will be reversed.

Actually, after seeing the lovely PM you sent me on Steam I'm going to deny this appeal. You will be rebanned. Focus on your attitude while you're gone.
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Slightly confused at this shitpost but +1


This shitpost is still ripe +2


Mean words hurt the staff teams feelings bro....


When someone RDA's and gets upset when they get found out lol


oh look a community member complaining about staff? let's remind him that he's nothing compared to the staff team, cause staff are the gods of this community
What a peasant.

- this reply was made by the staff gang

and please don't hurt the feelings of any staff, one more time and you'll be voted off the community, Thanks Smile


+ what  a snake lol,

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You all deserve anal rape 
+1 for Staff Combing

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