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MeDeRoZ raiding as Juggernaut with no warrant


Did you destroy the bitminers.


Cops are NOT allowed to raid without a warrant. Whether or not the front door was opened is irrelevant. If a player has a bounty, a warrant must be issued before the CP enters the home and begins a raid. 

I could not hear the sound of the printers in the clip provided at all, I DO believe they had a silencer on them from past experience, and I very much doubt you were able to hear them from all the way on the street.

The fact that you ran through their base, battering rammed your way to their printers, MeDeRoZ, and cuffed the two and then blew up their printers without issuing a warrant is a violation of the job rules and a Fail. Please be more considerate of the rules next time MeDeRoZ.


I find it laughable that staff still haven't seen fit to give a shit about this. +1 for Staff Combing


So we have decided to accept this off of the basis of MeDeRoZ did not actually get a warrant to raid the house. Even though the person was wanted you need a warrant to invade someone's house. If MeDeRoZ is online we will get someone to issue him a warn for FailRP but if he is not online he will be banned.


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