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Report on Sewer OverLord


Your Steam Name: Jacket
Your ingame name: 0101010101010101010101010101     Jacket1
Your Steam Profile/SteamID:  STEAM_0:1:119176343
Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): Sewer OverLord  STEAM_0:0:95716697
Reasons why you are reporting: He changes my name without my knowledge or my consent TWICE! I ask him why he did it and he replies with " http://prntscr.com/m76zg3 " which is bullshit in my opinion!
then he gets into an argue with Corp and his friend, they were wrong and they fixed their mistake, Sewer keeps on arguing in OOC so I say "http://prntscr.com/m770np" and he replies with "http://prntscr.com/m770z2"
I'm reporting him for
1. being unprofessional as a staff member, as he keeps arguing in OOC and doesn't take things seriously, as he kept arguing with Corp and his friends instead of Making a sit on them and taking it into a private chat.
2. renaming me without any reason and making a rule that does not exist.
Evidencehttp://prntscr.com/m77328  I couldn't really catch him on the notification on the right, but I'm pretty sure some higher-up has access to the real logs.

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Ahhh, so that excuses your constant harassment everyday you are harassing him just yesterday on Discord non-stop pinging him with disrespectful remarks and let's not forget you calling UwU the N word for no reason, seriously most of the time your reports can be summed up to you not getting your way and throwing a god damn tantrum, but as soon as walter left and their being less moderation you have gone out of your way including a few others constantly and blatantly attacking staff. Your main target for the last couple of days has been sewer and I rarely if ever defend any staff member or anyone in a report. But claiming starting drama in ooc isnt that what you fucking do, you first bait them and start insulting them constantly in hoping to troll and minge, and boo ho he ignored you I would to after you treat him like shit grow up maybe if you stopped being a shit stain and attacking people just cause waaaaah I didn't my way. I'd love to hear the reasons why you have lately been attacking staff or the fact calling UwU the n word. Those seem more interesting facts to me,but you would rather make petty reports. Right

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The first thing I'm going to say in response, Jacket, is that you were dumb enough to get banned from the Discord this morning AND try+fail at alting. Just saying.

Anyways, I think it makes complete sense to change your name. According to DeathRayjj and Sewer, who I'm currently in a call with, Sewer DID ask you to change it, and out having either ignored or not seen, changed your name. He was completely right in changing it, if he asked you before hand. Then you minge and change it back. All this time, he didn't realize it was even you, just some guy with a long ass name.

This is on you, my mingy boi. I think you need out.

This has been the worst player report in the history of player reports, maybe ever,

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The only grounds this report has on me, is the fact that I changed your name. I at first thought it was against the rules, as long, stupid names, are really fucking stupid. It does mess with users with low resolution, and I know quite a few people who play on the server with low res. The first time I changed it, I didn't even know it was you, hence why I made it "BinaryCode". I see that I really didn't do anything wrong. And the argument with corp is fine in my eyes. Everyone argues, YOU DO more than anyone on this server. Please just chill out and stop targetting me in discord/in-game Smile


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To be honest it’s rather stupid he did ask you to change it and you disregard the advice and continue to minge like usual 1- for the report.

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He sent me messages of him talking with uwu calling him the n-word with a hard R

Here’s the screenshot.

Here’s the screenshot.

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Sewer genuinely thought this was not allowed, he asked me and I said it’s fine as long as it’s not offensive in any way. Although it’s annoying to some it’s not against the rules. Sewer, you should always ask/notify the person before you use any commands on them. I will cover this in the next staff meeting, that communication is key to avoiding reports like this.

All staff will be briefed on the forcerpname command again in the next meeting. No further action will be taken against Sewer specifically for this. Thanks for the report.


So you start off your day by sending racist bullshit to others in Discord. Then you decided to log on to the server and change your name to something stupid, so the staff member makes a decision to change it for you. Maybe he shouldn't have just changed it, sure. I will be speaking to him regarding this. Then you decided to go against that, and change it back. So he brings you and tells you to change it back. Instead of listening to him, you change it again?

Your attitude on this server is atrocious. Please refer to this link: https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=4

Scroll down to the "How to be a good player" section. "A section dedicated to the people who have 3 brain cells." This is perfect for you. 

Eventually I am going to get tired of dealing with you, and just perm you. Even right now, I am in a VC with people BEGGING me to just do it. Stop wasting my time. This is your last chance to stop being stupid. 


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