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Staff Aren't doing anything.


you can't make sits without 50 characters


Well I made reports and those boxes popped up, I was told by an admin you need 50 characters for it to go through, I typed 30 and the box popped up, meaning the box pops up with no staff able to see it. So that's probably the reason that you guys get so many complaints and you have this proof that no one has sent complaints when people have and your box system is broken. Fix your admin box, that's your issue.


Did you press send, that's important

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There is nothing on this box telling me that i need 50 characters for it to go through, its very easy to misunderstand, you need to fix that.

And I have made more reports since then, I bet if you check my name you wont see this report or any of the reports ive sent except maybe a few that might ahve gone over 50.


What's your in-game name? I'm really curious


For anyone still unsure, this is how you call a sit. Notice the box to submit does not appear until I have typed a minimum of 50 characters.


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