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should this be allowed? possible scam


Your Steam Name:corp
Your ingame name: wilhelm
Your Steam Profile/SteamID:
Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): The deli man
Reasons why you are reporting:Not really sure how far this issue wiill go, but i feel as if the intention is malicious and its only purpose is to easily take money from unsuspecting players. So he placed a gun shelf right in front of spawn tunnel and put a bunch of worthless guns for 999,999. I had stopped to take an armor pot and accidentally bought one of the guns effectively losing 1 million dollars. To me thats a lot as i dont own a CC and have been saving for so long. Id like this reviewed by higher tier staff and possibly sugar as i vaguely remember this being talked about a year or two back. 


It would be allowed to set any price on a gun stand as far as i know since it tell you exactly what gun ur buying. The fast that you accidentally pressed e on it isnt really that persons fault, even if it is quite scummy to not give the money back. I could start advdrtising that im selling blowtlrches for 3 mil each and it would not be a scam since they are getting exactly what i advertised for the price.


Yeah man, like 1-800 said, it's not a scam. I feel bad for you and what he did is a dick move, but you got what you paid for. Try being more careful next time, and if you want I can give you temp perms to my cc,. It's not much but it's something.


This isn't a report. This is a Discussion. Pretty shitty thing to do to someone, but not outside the boundaries of the MOTD. Ask him politely to give back the money. If he doesn't then just tell people what he did. No staff intervention needed here.

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