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Use 4 c4 quest not giving reward



Description: So I was refreshing my quest and I got this quest use 4 c4 for a vip to,en I thought that was very easy profit so I used some c4 in a raid it gave me a quest token but didn’t let me claim my vip token Sad

How to reproduce: refresh quest until you get 4 c4 quest and complete it 

Priority: Medium ( high for me cause I want a vip token)


Is your inventory full/ you were recently zip tied, kidnapped, arrested, or in an event.


A similar thing happened to me when I had to ziptie people as batman where it didn't give me my reward, yet it did work after I restarted my game. Also knowing how staff can't manipulate the quest system, this would most likely need further testing.


If quests aren't updating, try refreshing quest data.

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