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Just want to point this out.


[Image: 49cd695734caf3fd654964e9c95287c9.png]


hmmmmmmmmmmmmm and he committed LTAP seems fair enough...

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The unknown user may have been new and unknowing, staff are allowed to choose the ban time. Plus sheck and karma are expirienced.

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I’ll look at my logs and see what the difference was in those two situations. There are many reasons why ban times are different. Exploting is 3 days - permanent, each situation is different.

The first guy was banned for attempting to sit on a prop and precision himself inside someone’s base. Obviously this has been patched and he was not able to get inside so no real harm there. Sheck and karma spawned world glow prop to look inside someone’s base before a raid & were successful in doing so.

Hope this clears some things up and you understand the difference between the two situations.

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