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How did you get your name?

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Let me start off with myself, I used to be called dickbutt, then on a tf2 Saxton Hail server I saw someone with the name of it's cold in here(._.). I liked that name, and they eventually added a Lenny face to the end of their name, so I was like fuck it and now I'm it's cold in here(._.). That name just sticks with me. I was gonna change my name back after fucking around with that player, but I just liked the sound of the name. That's the story of how I became it's cold in here(._.) and I'll stay as it's cold in here(._.)

P.S this was in like 2015 and I have officially lost the original it's cold in here(._.) who knows, maybe we'll be reunited one day.

[Image: C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg]It's cold in here(._.) spots enemy spy under the name of "it's cold in here(._.)" 

2015 colourized


i just got the name Kilobyte on that shitty iFunny app cause it was an OG name and then i made it my name on everything for some reason


My name was originally Stilnt, for some reason. When I joined TitsRP however, I really like the Sewer Lord job at the time. I changed my name to Sewer Lord, but I would get rdmed by noobs thinking  the sewer lord class is kos above ground. I eventually changed it to Sewer Overlord and now it just stuck.


My parents gave it to me when I made my ps2 profile


it sounded cool bro


it's my birth name


I shat myself and scooped it up years ago


I grew weed while working for the Mafia and called myself "The Herbalist". As I became more integrated into the community it was shortened to Herb by most people.

Weed gang gang


I was playing with my New York friend and I asked what I should set my rpname too and he replies "Deadass? Tyrone, B."


I wanted polar bear because I really like polar bears. Couldnt take it so had ducksat for a while, a duck that sat.
Also had leroy5500 for a long ass time on my youtube channel just because it was neat.
But polar bear changed into a bear of the north, north bear and people liked it. It's iconic and no one really forgets.

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