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Trial Mod abusing powers and not listening

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(01-29-2019, 06:38 AM)Lord Jon Snow Wrote:
Quote:I'm not going to bring your friend to tell me your innocent to a sit. That's just illogical. And if you were just messing around on the server and killing your friend, why were the other 3 killed?

That right there is why you are inexperienced and not suitible for this kind of job, why would you bring the person you've accused me of killing to a sit? the answer is in the question it's not illogical it's highly logical because then they will tell you that i didn't rdm them and they don't have a problem it's called gathering evidence you can't just base your result off your own assumptions how can you punish me for killing my own friends? if you just spoke to them and got the full story you would have a wider understanding how is that not obvious?

Also for the flaming part you flamed me i never called you any names you took it upon yourself to insult me at no point was i rude or ignorant or disrespectful so don't try and turn this around on me buddy you tried to take the lazy approach and it backfired you had no intention of listening because you had already made your decision and didn't want to listen you just wanted the quick and easy solution and ended up making this entire scenario.

Quote:I would have listened more, instead of just constantly flaming me

At what point did i insult you? seeing as you were the one calling me an idiot and refusing to bring the people involved? that's like a judge sentancing someone to prison and saying i don't need to speak to the victim or get statements because i feel that you're guilty

Quote:Your friend(s) can do nothing to prove your innocence when I have logs of you damaging and killing people with no provocation.

Obviously they can because they can say "oh hi yes he shot me but i also shot him we're all friends here no big issue he didn't rdm us that's why we didn't make a report"

All damage logs show is that i shot someone and when i shot them it doesn't offer a motive it doesn't show a location it doesn't show the entire picture which is why if all you do is look at damage logs and ignore everything else you will make mistakes it's lazy and it costs people time and now you're lying to cover up your mistake by trying to paint this picture of me flaming and giving you grief which as you can see in the evidence i provided it was you that was flaming me being rude and refusing to help the situation by bringing those involved you have to bring those involved and speak with them you can't just say ohh logs said you killed this guy so it must be rdm that's not how it works and if you can't see that and you can't seem to understand then you are not fit for this line of work being a mod/admin requires patience and thinking outside the box gathering evidence and listening to all parties involved not just looking at a stat in the log and saying guilty because mate a footprint doesn't look like a boot meaning there's always more to it.

Also those aren't the people i shot my friends were Awesome Cactus Owl Skykitten, Goldnej, NadnerB why are you changing the names of the people involved that's really weird and suspicious to me now you definitly are trying to cover your tracks you just thought i wasn't going to take it this far but why should i be banned for something i didn't do and let you continue to take this lazy and ignorant approach to solving sits where it doesn't get resolved as it should because you didn't follow the correct procedure there is no excuse for you calling me an idiot i was polite i did not swear you're just not suited to this line of work and when confronted with facts you ignore them and lash out with rudeness

Neither of those other people were killed. Just SkyKitten. That's really funny you're trying to say i'm changing the names that right there shows that you RDMed and NO IDEA who you killed and why didn't you list who your friends were when Grape asked? Seems sus. You never even damaged anyone but SkyKitten yet alone kill either of the others you claimed to be messing around with and RDMing. And I'm not responding to anything else you've said as I've already explained it. I'm going to let the other staff decide what to do now and any further responses will be me responding to questions from them, they know my side of the story.

(01-29-2019, 07:35 AM)it Wrote: Can you provide proof of all the people you killed, except the one you admitted was accidental, telling you it was okay for you to kill them?

I have screenshots of the people he killed 2x of them being revenge rdm, 1 of them being rdm, 1 of them being his friend SkyKitten. As well as damage logs do show that he was shooting first as bounty Hunter when he had no bounty (even though it doesn't matter because it's still revenge rdm).

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The admins and senior mods discussed this last night and took into account all evidence provided by both parties. You did RDM at least three people which is the cutoff for Mass RDM. If you don’t like the punishment then don’t break the rules. If you were unaware of the rdm arena that’s not staff’s fault.

This report is extremely unprofessional and you seem to be focused on pinecone being lazy and impatient, it doesn’t seem like you’re as concerned with providing evidence of your innocence. What would it take for your friends to respond in your defense?


Closing this, seems like you've lost interest.

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