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Ban Appeal


Yesterday I was banned for killing rats. All I did was kill a rat evertime it came back to me... its came back a total of 12 times. and the rat said in the sit that he just wanted an answer why I killed him. But he didn't follow nlr. and if he wanted to he could of called a sit the first time so it wouldn't of turned out to be mass rdm cause evertime he came back I was afraid he would kill me and id loose my weapons... And the reason I killed him in the beginning was be cause I thought I was aloud to kill mr.sniffy cause he was ugly. but the rules said that he is ounly illegal sooooo. Pls help me out


well since this is a discussion i tihnk mr sniffy should be kos too like all the rats that play in my ranked games

but irl


The rat model is also a custom class model.


we should make people with cs:go gambling sites in their names KOS.


we should just ban anyone with a csgo website in their name


I'm Denying this ban appeal due to you not only posting it in the wrong section, but not using the correct format.

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