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TitsRP Revamp by Blacnova


Thanks for the post. Its nice to see an actual explanation why you dislike the server rather than the daily dose of you bashing the server (not attacking you, I always wondered why you didn't like it but you never really gave any hint other than hating Walter). This post will probably get lost in a day or two but hopefully you see it.

Although, some of things you mentioned are factually incorrect. Just in case no one reads my post and they only read the top, I want to point out whats incorrect / already there.


Buff printers so that you can get at least $30,000 per hour at base level 

This is wrong, printers make 54k+ at base level for one regular sized printer. That means 108k at base level for 2 regular printers. This does not include mini printers.

Make insurance protect only your initial investment, one time before you have to buy it again
This is how it works. When a raider robs the bank and takes your money and you have insurance, you will lose it and will have to buy it again. If somehow the same raider gets your money in the same run, you will not have insurance and you will lose money.

Make it easier to raid the civilian bank, as in go back to making the bank heist leader have the sole ability to extract money from the bank and there's something on his class that gives him the ability to do so
This is kinda already there. The heist leader job and the heist job both spawn with money bags (something you have to craft otherwise). The heist leader also spawns with a C4 which can break into the bank for 10 seconds. This does have a cooldown of 2 hours though (which I might change). 10 seconds is enough to get around 1 million depending how many people are with you & how lucky you are. Making the Bank Heister the sole job which can raid the bank kills the purpose of the Dragon Egg which is the material needed to raid the bank for 3minutes. The bank is supposed to be a secure investment (because if it wasn't then why would you invest in the first place). The 1 dragon egg a day prevents the bank from being drained by players who play for 12 hours a day, multiple times a day.

To do this, I suggest undoing the price quadrupling of cc stuff in order to bring everything back down to the scale of $15
This was already done. I have said the price increase was temporary and it definitely was. $15 was never a price for custom content unless you're talking back in 2014 because the price was around $10 - $15. All custom content does cost $30 / 60 mil. In a week or so, admins will be able to add in custom content so more on that later.

please undo the "no more non-gun cc items". Allow people to buy things like speed sweps (sparingly on a case-by-case basis), and grenades
This is not entirely correct. While I do not allow custom, custom weapons (such as a completely 100% unique weapon which no other weapon acts like), users are free to request any weapon that is currently in the server. If you can buy it on the CC editor, you can buy a reskin of it and edit the sounds and model of the weapon. Thinks like Bacta Grenades, regular grenades, master swords, ect are all fine to reskin and usually do get reskinned.

Also saw on the document about the prop limit being changed, that was reset back to 75 a week or so later.


The map
Your point about it being too big is a fair point. The map was designed to hold a lot of players and not the usual 0 - 80 players we get now. When it comes to adding in features, the map plays a huge part. While bigger doesn't always mean better, I do think that if we were maxed out at 100+ players, the map being bigger is better. It helps people with low FPS and provides people with more options to hide. This argument can go both ways but there were also a lot of fixes and improvements from tits_v1 to tits_v2. Going back down to tits_v1 would mean some things would break (jobs, spawns for things, ect). Which isn't really a big issue but just another thing to throw on the pile.

The argument of staff being lazy has been a thing and has never gone away. It doesn't matter how many staff we have, in our prime of having 78 staff members, this issue still came up. Now we have 29 staff members as of writing this post. Its very hard to get staff members to play on the server 24/7 as there just isn't enough of them. We need staff and we just need to accept all people at this point. Its something I have told my admins to do and I have discussed it several times with the staff as a whole but I am not sure if we are doing that yet. In Garrys Mod, more staff > quality of staff. It doesn't matter if you have 4 really good staff members, if you have 10 - 12 "login, stop mass rdm/rda, logout" staff members you will solve most of the main issues. Which brings me to my next point

Senior Moderator
I do think senior moderator is a good role. It fills the gap between Mod and Admin and really does give a sense of promotion / hard work being acknowledged. Going back to the staff topic, is is really fair to have those 4 really good staff members remain as a moderator compared to the 10 - 12 "ok" staff members? There should be a delimiter where you are acknowledged higher than your peers and I really think that quality staff do advance the ranks. Mod to Admin was a very big gap. 

Staff Watcher / Monitor
A Staff Watcher / Staff Monitor has been suggested a few times and IN THEORY it should help out. In my experience though, people do NOT like being told they aren't doing enough work. This was seen with the beeping update back like a year ago where staff members were told to take a sit if they didn't take one within 30 minutes (which was then increased to a hour but was still not liked). When we talked about this role, people did express their opinions on how they wouldn't like someone watching them. They expressed how they signed up to mod the server, not get worked to the bone, you know other excuses and ect. Which some have merit and its never our intention to work our staff hard but when shit goes down and you have the rank, you're kinda expected to do something or there shouldn't be a reason why you have the rank. This argument isn't really an argument but its just my experience.

Rebuff custom classes
This topic is touchy and my answer with this, ties into a lot of other things and goes all over the place. Custom classes are exactly what they're called right now. Custom classes. They offer you a way to build you own class how you want it with existing server weapons. As the server continued to get developed, I started to nerf CCs more and more. CC are restricted from doing a few things and or have slightly longer cooldowns on things (such as kidnapping) but nothing really game changing. Custom classes as of right now are considered end game content. You gain money to get VIP, you gain money to build CCs, you gain money to buy stuff to kill you enemies and you level your gang. Thats kinda the circle of gameplay except its missing the most important part of the server which is Roleplay. CCs do NOT offer MUCH roleplay experience. There are two types of people in DarkRP. The people who want to build a base and raid and then the people who actually run around and roleplay. In my 4 years, its always been "Everyone is basing, no one is RPing", now its the opposite. CCs should feel powerful but not too powerful to a point where people without them feel drastically underpowered.

At the end of the day, every custom class is equipped with weapons everyone else can obtain. This keeps things fair for someone like a regular player fighting a guy who spent $120 on a super neat custom class equipped with an answer to every question. This is needed to have some sort of balance. If I stripped away your CC and prevented you from getting one, you would feel at a disadvantage because you don't always spawn with a fleet of weapons at your disposal. Think about it from a regular player's perspective. They join the server and see the 60%+ of the server running around as "custom classes". What do you think his first impression is? The server is P2W? Whats this gay anime shit? (not me saying that, thats the player btw), how long does it take to obtain this? If they come across the info that "they're all basically equipped with the same shit you can buy" his first impression of the server may not be as daunting.

Rebuffing custom classes (cont) with balancing
Allowing custom,custom weapons to come back will just cause a lot of trouble. People already complain about every little thing there is in the server. From things being too OP or things that conflict with the rules and they want changed or just things they find annoying. 

Allowing people to obtain a weapon which is completely unique to how they want it is not only going to cause issues but its also kinda unrealistic. You need a set of standards which then make it not as custom as they would like it to be. You then need to make sure other people could obtain something like that weapon or else it becomes pay to win. You then need to make sure its balanced so people don't make threads about how broken something is and how unfun it is to go against it. (Kinda like how adrenaline used to work). You then need to come up with a system which will either prevent people from buying a weapon slightly different than a weapon that is already in server or allowing them too (I was always conflicted with this when it was allowed).

I don't mind allowing custom custom content to be reinstated as long as all players can buy it (and you get the profits of course). But then that creates an issue with monopoly and then people become dependent on it and then it needs balancing and then its just a whole shitshow.

On the topic with balancing. Some people scuff in the background and ask other "Why did Sugar make these drastic changes such as the prop limit, raiding changes, ect, he doesn't even play what is he doing". Those changes came from a meeting from people. I am still flabbergasted by that, it was unreal to see such a backlash when those changes were implemented. I VERY RARELY make a balancing change unless I think its something that is very very out there or its something I have discussed with people people from the server. Over the last 4 years, a lot of the changes that have been put in place attempt to make the player feel safe because at the end of the day, you shouldn't log off feeling so angry. I personally do not like some of the changes I have made but this is kinda how it is going to remain most likely. TitsRP is was once a more niche kinda server but over the years, when you grow, you sometimes sacrifice what made you so unique (which I think we are still unique, just not as much)

I will admit though that most of my balancing changes are very one sided. This is something I am trying to improve on. I catch myself not being able to find the balancing point and I push things too far. I am sorry for that.


Donations / Shop
This is coming back along with a ton of other things. Check the trello board to see an update on things. People think I have left the server but that is also false. I am just putting the superadmin power into people who can do more with it than me. I have changed my name on discord to have a peace of mind. With the revamp of the shop, the admins and I are planning to reinvest 100% of it back into the server to buy things such as developers and to pay for server fees (as the admins said they don't want money & I obviously don't need it). It is being revamped as I deleted the source code (yes I physically deleted it and removed it from everything because I was done with everything so its being remade).

The Bank
Its not a secret the bank is dog shit. I planned on making the bank so much more but unfortunately I rushed it out before I took a vacation back in August. I do want to add more things to the bank manager. This is something that should have been properly released but looking back at it now, if I waited for it to have the features I wanted, it probably would have never released. It is in a very safe state (get it cause its a safe) to prevent exploitation like before. The bank before this one was very bad. People were making upwards to 40 - 60 mil a DAY just by stuffing it in their base. I plan to look at this and see what I can do to benefit both parties.

The talent is on a 30 minute timer but it did kill the enchanting job. The talent will be changed.

Rules / Punishing
I do agree with you on this point. I think some punishments are too harsh and some staff members are too quick to jump the gun with banning / warning players. This also isn't on your list but I do not like all of the extra things being added to the rules (not really my place to say anything because people are asking for this stuff) but it voids why the rules were revamped some time 1 or 2 years ago. The sole purpose of the rule revamp was to provide a concise and easy reading to know what to do and what not to do and I feel like its being more and more convoluted with things that shouldn't need explanation / could be said easier. 

From the staff point of view though its needed because some players are actually braindead and it need it spelled out for them. I mean the common sense rule was removed because its obvious that the definition of common sense differs from person to person. At some point I will most likely get the staff team together to go through rules which can be compressed into a single one to prevent a huge bloat.

To quickly talk about some of the things from other users above as I just checked the thread before posting this and at the time there were no posts

Processors are even better than they were back then, the only difference is that you have to refill them if you're not the owner of them every 20 prints or something
You want printers to be buffed but you also think the economy is inflated
You want daily updates back which most likely will never happen until the shop is back in place or unless I get fired or UNLESS you gimmie a LOT of money
You can disable people's boomboxes
The fountain is still the center, there is just other NPCs around the map to incentivize people to base in other parts of the map
There is a reward for the RDM arena for the top person
The anonymous sound is on a cooldown for the next reset
/roll is not a broadcast it is local to people in your visibility set which will be changed
The black screen glitch should be fixed with the king
The max prop limit was decreased to 75 due to user requests saying it created bases there were too OP
One of the last updates I did collects a lot of stats about weapons and their usability, there should be weapon updates soon
Encouraging people to become TMOD isn't something I gave too much though into but it sounds like something I can do
I don't think inflation is a bad thing right now. Out of over 200,000 players only 140 have over 10 mil

I wanted to have a single set of weapons instead of 9000 of them but not only would that cause an insane amount of issues, people do like the variety of weapons. I do heavily agree with you though, unfortunately it just won't happen.
CSS Knifes are a very low download size (20MB for all I think) removing them wouldn't really do anything
The master stalker is getting a mini revamp
I do like less content as it will allow more fine tuning but unfortunately like I said above, people do NOT like removal of content unless it harms them


To sugar about the rdm zone. The top reward is literal poop. Most of the time it gives you one wood or 2 pounds of a drug. The rdm zone obviously isn’t rp but I still feel the reward should be higher.

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