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Leave me alone. Report on Carelos

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Your Steam Name: SkillpointHD
Your ingame name: SkillpointHD
Your Steam Profile/SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/skillpointhd
Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): Carelos/Jaxon
Reasons why you are reporting:    I'm getting tired of his childish behaviour. He says rumors about me, calling me a Pedo. I am not a pedo, I am 15. I will NOT tolerate you saying "[vip] SkillpointHD: Mission Failed, Glarry got away (over)" This isn't how a staff should act, I am friends with Glarry, I think he's a cute kid. Leave me alone, please. I was told by another staff member to do this. Act like a true staff member, don't make cruel jokes about your playerbase, especially Pedo jokes. I know a pedo, names Raven, I fucking hate him, and he still plays here. Just for calling him out, I was banned from the server, why is he allowed to get away with this, and I wasn't. The problem is, I have proof of him talking to me after sending child porn, saying I can't do shit, he only has me saying Glarry is cute.

(edit, he sent it in Anon, I had to get a staff member to tell me who sent that shit.)




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glarry was talking in voice with jaxon and some others where he mentioned he was scared of u but i think he was joking since he said he was scared of me and infamous echo too, but i dont think its appropriate to spread rumors based on that and if it is a serious  concern he should take it to higher ups and glarry to confirm.


He was, I've talked to him, he says it most of the time when he sees me, then we have a drawn out conversation. Its a joke of his

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So I’d like to start this off with I’m sorry about the joke. I apologized to him over discord and i fully understand what I did was immature. The only reason I talked about it was someone telling me he was over 18. I know that’s does not mean it was okay for me to make those jokes. I just believed at the time it wasn’t necessarily legal. After having a talk with Skill or Radial I believe the biggest part of all this drama is started by a person that goes by “Infamous Echo”. I’m not throwing anyone under the bus but i truly believe that he is harassing radial and getting others into this drama. I am not blaming this on him but at the time I talked to glarry and i asked him about it once and he didn’t necessarily feel comfortable about it. That was the main starting point of the drama since I’d say glarry is chill and a friend of mine. I have learned the full story from radial and I do believe that he truly does not like these jokes. I have figured out that he is 15 not 18+. I have figured out all the background information i didn’t know that i though wasn’t a thing. I also know the constant harassing with infamous echo is not okay and I’d recommend a talk with him. I did make a not very appropriate joke as a staff member but my knowledge was a lie of the situation and I saw people saying stuff somewhat like i did all the time. So i decided to join the group of people who I believed were in the “right” but never got the fully background history. I do believe infamous truly want to be a jerk while I do it to just join the train since i don’t want to be “left out”

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Skillpoint you’re acting strange. You have publically displayed predatory behavior towards glarry. If you say it’s a joke you shouldn’t be offended when others play along.  
Anyways, Carelos has publically appologized to you so I’m closing this. I hope you change your ways before someone reports you because it’s just plain weird.

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