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Changes to the map

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If any, what changes would you like to see for the map?

Currently the spawn area has had all the rooms deleted. The spawn tunnel size has been increased. Slums has been deleted and the church will replace the gas station.

Admin land has had the building removed and will be used for events. A seperate king and sit area is planned.

Plans for new road textures and crosswalks everyone can see. A more, streamlined sewer. Will look into new sidewalk textures as well.

Will attempt to make the sidewalk and road curve. Please note that this isn't a 100% replacement, just something we are looking into.

Video is just showing the changes (mainly slums / sewers)/

Current Changes:
  • Slums is deleted
  • Building in admin land is deleted
  • Removed tree / grass by the fountain so you guys can actually build against the corner
  • Reduced the circle that is around the sewer
Planned Changes:
  • New textures for sidewalk / roads (will attempt to find better ones)
  • Curved roads / sidewalk (will attempt)
  • New king area
  • Replace gas station with church
  • Reduce ocean size
  • More hidden areas
  • Remove useless bases (tiny base in industrial, etc).
  • Possible rework of spawn area


More hidden areas please, Underwater caves, hidden rooms in buildings and around the map would be cool

also i want something weed related added, you know what u gotta do


Underwater caves would be cool. Look, I called this shit from the minute people started talking about a deeper ocean update. Talk to people about the ocean and when I see it nobody is deep in the ocean. If you could add a underwater cave/base it would be cool. Cuz the whole update for a deeper ocean kinda hasn't added ANYTHING but it could add something if u made a base or two down there. *or if we had an update for it*


Underwater caves would be awesome. Maybe a new item could be added to allow oxygen/air into the cave so you can breath?


Just to point out, I have no experience with hammer. That being said, I will try and have an idea for where the cave could go. The ocean size is suppose to be reduced.


There is already a chill zone but like a cave system with multiple bases in it would be cool. Although there’s already a lot of people complaining about the map being too big and they would rather the city be more dense with people. If the map ever gets reduced in size there needs to be more bases in all areas possible. You could do this bun reducing base sizes and adding entrances in every spot possible. 


There are plenty of bases. The initial problem is that basing as a whole needs to get fixed. If basing got fixed, more people would base. Ideally I will make all the current changes in the "original" map, so when it does get to that point again, we can have all the changed content.


I find that changing the kings location is dumb. How the kind is right now is fine. BUT I want the OLD king rule set where he can take a section of the map but that isn't gonna happen. ;-;


"I find that changing the kings location is dumb. How the kind is right now is fine. BUT I want the OLD king rule set where he can take a section of the map but that isn't gonna happen. ;-;"

I agree, I think king should have either or.


I really just think that basing needs to get improved. To put it into a normal player's perspective, you are less likely to get kidnapped, and it also decreases the chance of you becoming a victim of a Mass RDM'er. Of course we would still have people there just to minge and such, but you have a good base, then it would be very unlikely someone who just joined the server would be able to raid you. It also would improve the chances for newer players as since they are the only ones ever basing, they usually get raided fairly quickly. Pretty sure this is talked about often but still a pretty good idea

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