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Caleb / SwaVe's Resignation


I am hereby announcing my resignation from Senior Moderator/staff on TitsRP, it was amazing all the people and friends I met throughout my journey as a staff member, even if it sucked sometimes. I met and worked with a lot of cool people on a gmod server that I considered a second family (even if that sounds cringy), I just wanted to thank the whole team. I'm sorry in advance to anyone who didn't wanna see me gone. And most importantly. I'm sorry to Doc McStubbins. This isn't a forced resignation. I've just had a lot of IRL stuff bothering me and I've thought about this for a long time. I genuinely love the community, not only the server, but the community. EVEN if it's mostly toxic. I love it here. Even if I felt like Garry's Mod was dead, I loved it here.

As of right now 2/7/2019, I should have all my ranks removed and be set to VIP in game, thanks to Big Heart.


You are/were a great part of the staff team and will truly be missed. I wish you luck IRL. Hope to see you come back soon!


Caleb Today at 9:46 PM
i made a resignation post go reply something gay

to it


Dear Caleb,

Resignation has been declined now get back to work, before we get the whips out. Seriously though you're not resigning.


You're an awesome friend man <3
Hope everything is well.


(02-07-2019, 10:47 PM)Infamous Echo Unreal Wrote: Dear Caleb,

Ur gay lol


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Love you faggot. I'll miss the days together (no homo)


The one moderator who truly knew the spirit of TitsRP, and wasn't some strict ban man.

Give him respected.

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You were a really great staff member despite me promoting you to mod only because I was biased.

+1 for respected tbh


+1 for respected <3

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