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Didnt get banned for mass nlr and rrdm


[attachment=1161]b]Your Steam Name: Slayzz

Your ingame name: Lean

Your Steam Profile/SteamIDSTEAM_0:1:213886438

Reasons why you are reporting: He Didnt ban a guy who said he has played on another server where there was an nlr circle and didnt know if there was nlr on tits rp. But succ told me that this guy was new to "tits rp server" so he wouldnt ban him. Succ brought me and we argued for a bit and he warned the guy for "mass nlr". so i didnt like this because it doesnt matter if your new to a server he couldve atleast banned him and told him to read the motd like any other person would. Succ didnt clearly think this through and returned me when i wasnt finished talking to him. I thought this was a little abusive so i called for a different admin and succ interfered with my sit. He thinks what he did was the best decision but it wasnt so he returned me without my consent again. All the evidence of the mass nlr is in the logs and how he damaged me multiple times. 

Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile):  Im reporting Succ The Zucc 



Hey so the evidence file you sent is kind of broken and I cant really view it, anyways it would also be helpful if you put the name of the mass nlr so if this does get accepted he could get punished properly.


The punishment times and reasons are always at the discretion of the staff member. I know you’re upset but zucc didn’t really break any rules. I fully support his decision on this.


Like Rubik I fully support Zuccs decision. New players make mistakes and banning them will likely make them never return. Education > Punishment


"Returned me without my consent" The sit about the NLR was done so he could return you. He already gave out a punishment so no other staff members could do anything about it. You had no reason to get another admin. Staff members can see if players are new to the server or not with a little tag above there head so if it was there he could tell if they were. We will get Succ's input on the report but so far it looks like Succ did nothing wrong.


The reason I sent you back was because the punishment I gave out was good. The other part was, because I deemed that with your arguing over it, it wouldn’t go anywhere. From there you decided to call another admin for a ban on someone who I believe thought in an NLR circle. When I got my first warn on my account it was for MassNLR for thinking you had to advert for raid. New players make mistakes. So you still trying to go and get this guy banned after a probable mistake is absured when i already handled your case. I sent you back because there was no reason to be in another sit. -Succ The Zucc

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Okay so imagine this, you just left your old server looking for a better one. You base and are being really successful and are planning to stay. All of a sudden you get raided and are fearing loosing all of your progress. You remember your old server had NLR bubbles so you think you can return. You do numerous times when all of a sudden you are brought to a sit. The raider is trying to get you banned, which would just make you leave the new server as they are too strict. The staff member end up only warning you so you continue to play on the new server. If said player was banned, they would've been completely discouraged to continue. In the end Duff's decision kept a player from quiting playing TitsRP.

Quote: I thought this was a little abusive so i called for a different admin and succ interfered with my sit.
Are you trying to say he refused a second staff member?

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In reply to yours cold. In a sense I would say yes. He called a sit and another staff member claimed the case. I went over there because I’m in the case, it explicitly called for my name. In doing so the way he was acting towards myself and Lunar was rude and demanding. I spent 5 minutes in a sit arguing with him over the same thing. When I handled it. He called a sit targeting me and my decision of which I was there for. I Sent him back and we discussed it for a moment and it was agreed that my decisions in the two sits were justified


You're this mad because someone didn't get banned? As everyone else in this report stated, it's the staff's decision. Not yours. Education over punishment. Sorry you don't like the results. Get over it. 


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