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Lean - Changing jobs to kill me after the fact


Your Steam Name: Lolita

Your ingame name: Lolita

Your Steam Profile/SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/JasonVaughan/

Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): List it or we won't bother to really help you. You can get this easily by pressing TAB and clicking on their name and clicking their profile text. It will copy it to your clipboard and you can paste it here.

Reasons why you are reporting: List your story/anecdote/storypiece here. I was looking around for stuff to do and I saw someone chopping wood and there was a bunch on the ground. I jumped over and grabbed all of the wood that was there. In retaliation to this, as I started to leave, Lean  changed from the pig class into his Custom class and tried to kill me. He only changed in order to kill me, and when I tried asking him about it afterward why he tried to kill me he said "cuz I can." He also denied the whole situation saying he didn't change jobs from a pig into a CC to kill me, even though I have the video.

Evidence: Post videos, screenshots, anything that can help. Numerous screenshots help, a decently lengthed video of the person you're reporting in action helps too. If you don't have any evidence, tough luck.

Video will be attached (I hope) of the incident.  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nMXbjN...Xj8pF0JGYZ

Ill also include a picture here JUST in case he attempt his "golden ticket" as he puts it because he syas he can get out of anything by just saying he'll avoid the person, and yet he actively harasses me and hunts for me ever since my first incident with him.  -- https://gyazo.com/ab3b7bf38dc5e41edae43623e4d48cb9


Yeah this 100% looks like lean did change jobs just to kill you as you said. We have had lots of problems yesterday so this doesn't surprise me that he is being toxic.

If the video does not work for anyone I reuploaded it to streamable: https://streamable.com/hkrjl

I would accept this report right now and once I see lean on I would either warn him or ban him because of other recent problems. But I have to go to school so I won't be on for like 7 hours or so, so I will let this up to other staff.


After watching the video I agree that it seems to be that way. I’d like to see his response to this.


My response to this is that I was playing a pig and there was no more crops but a guy in a base in suburbs had crops but I couldn't get to them cos his doors was locked so I was changing jobs anyway. After I was in my f4 menu scrolling down I saw him stealing my gang members shit and him being a dick and saying thanks for the free wood. SO my response it I was already changing jobs cos there was no point in being the pig. I told him later that night too that I was already changing jobs but he doesn't listen to anyone.


There was also a new rule added that gang affiliation doesn't count you have to be in party with them now.

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  • "cos I can"
  • Minging and name changing
  • Running off while Lolita was trying to talk to you about it. This report didn't have to happen, you could have talked to Lean like a normal human being. 

Your attitude in this situation sucks. 

What a guilty person would say: "I couldn't get to them cos his doors were locked so I was changing jobs anyways", "saw him stealking my gang memebers shit", "him being a dick", "he doesn't listen to anyone".
What a normal response would be: "yeah I see I was wrong, it wasn't intentional but I apologize for the confusion"


Agreed, along with the gang affiliation thing being a new rule. I'm going to be +1 for the report.


It's ironic that Lolita posted this, as he did something similar to me on Tue PM/Wed AM.
Killed me for a bounty, switched jobs over my dead body and stole my printer and processor.
I'm pretty sure I read in the MOTD that he was not supposed to do that either.

He is a toxic player who runs here to tell on everyone to continue his troll.  Lolita's rep speaks to the kind of player he is.


Alright I see what your saying rubik I would say that if it was any normal person who did it but this guy is continually doing things to minge and he even said it with his own words that no one will ever be a better minge than him, and I'm sorry for making that response the way I did I'm just really upset with this guys behavior of acting as if hes the victim.


Well thanks for being mature about it and understanding my side of it. 
I'm closing this report and it will be accepted. I will have a chat with Lean shortly & discuss a punishment with the staff.

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