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Lolita Racism


Your Steam Name: Water
Your ingame name: The Water
Your Steam Profile/SteamIDhttps://steamcommunity.com/id/ZnThWater/
Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): Lolita. https://steamcommunity.com/id/JasonVaughan
Reasons why you are reporting: Me and Lolita went into an argument as he started calling me a bitch repeatedly, heated i told him that only a bitch would call someone else in an online game a beaner and a F'ing Mexican (which he had already been banned for) and we went into an argument where he said I was harassing him for saying that if he were to call someone a beaner irl he would be beaten up by someone and this went on for a good 30 minutes, this is where the video starts. (My audio is not recorded so i will say what my response was) He tells me that English is obviously not my first language, then I say its not my first language and I call him an idiot for pointing the obvious. What I noticed re watching the video is that when Jack Johnson comes he stays quiet knowing they are on to him and he stays quiet. Once he leaves he goes on again when I tell him that its fucked up to say that and many people struggle to learn a new language like I did, so I say are you making fun of me simply because of my language? thats when he says "yea" and flies away. Foward a good 5-10 mins I tell everyone im logging off like I normally do and when im about to say good night, Lolita comes and I tell him he should really stop being racist, he comes and I tell him on vc that i recorded him and he says he would love to see the video, he then denies to having saying that (he is probably recording at this point as well hencing the fact he went to go find me and bait me) I then go through a long rant on how the reason the is hated in the community is because of the shit he says and pulls off like what he did to me then and he just stays quiet knowing he is wrong but im telling him how it annoys me that he targets me raids my public bases only to bait me and how he simply hates me for my accent. He flies off and I follow him to ask for an apology and he says he wont do it. And finally he says something that pissed me off really badly, he starts saying "run along amigo" right after making fun of me for being bad at English which probably does not sound bad to you guys but its like being racist to a black guy then calling him "aight nigga" or "bye nigga" like it was so unnecessary and it pissed me off to the point to write this ban, so please guys he has been found guilty of racism before, and calling me "amigo and adios amigo" is so fucked up and annoying because he is obviously saying that in a derogotary and racist way because even though its not a racist slur its still mocking me for my language which i find really annoying. Thank you for your time and im hoping for a response.


I understand how out of context this can be taken that way, and I apologize that you felt offended Water. I admit I was a little upset that for like 2 days now you have been constantly insulting me and harassing me calling me a racist, saying I'm an idiot and less intelligent than you, and then the final straw was when you threatened to assault me in real life and claimed that it was "just a joke." I had finally had enough and I lashed out and I wasn't trying to insult your heritage, I was trying to insult your grammar, hence why I was saying its obviously a second language and immediately saying "It's fine" but you should work on it a little more before constantly slinging ill made insults and threats at me. Also, I have never called you that b word, and you have never been able to supply any proof that I did so please, stop trying to claim that I did. Also, saying adios amigo isn't a racist or hurtful saying, its a common saying to people as a way of saying goodbye and I didn't want you to follow me anymore, so I said goodbye. So at the end of the day, I was insulting your grammar and not your heritage, I'm sorry that you took it as if I was.


First of all I never threatened to beat you up irl, if you read the forurm I said you would probably have been beaten up if you said that irl, Secondly I have not been insutling you and harrasing you for no reason, I do it cause you do it as well like calling me a bitch for no reason, and thirdly you did not mean it as a normal goodbye you said adios amigo monkingly. But that being said I forgive you, if you really mean it and sincerly apologyse im willing to remove this so you dont get in trouble, but if you keep being racist towards me or baiting me as much as you do next time, I will not stop. Sorry for any miscommunication Lolita im willing to forgive you and give you a second chance and probs even get to know you.

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If this isn't a threat then I don't know what is. Re-reading this last night is what really got me upset in the first place about your grammar which is what caused all of this.


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As I said, i never said I was or i am, I said I would of over your racist comments, a threat by definition is saying im going to do it. Did I say i was going to do it? check the vocab WOULD KNEW, and i gave my reason, and if you were heated guess how I was over you calling me a beaner, fucking mexican, Speak englush better, and Adios amigo.

I tried to give you a second chance and forgive you for what you said but apparently you didn't mean to apologyse your trying to make me look bad as well, you do not care if you offended me you care about being right. I will procced with my claims and will not be removing the post.


He Saying He Would Is Totaly Diffrent From Him Saying Im GONNA find ur house And GONNA Beat U Up 
Thats a tottaly Diffrent Thing Then Saying I Am, I Would Is Something Else He Never Says He Is


Yea cause i said i personally would of punched hihim if he would of called me a beaner irl, i mean who wouldn't be tilted about being called a racial slur, and what amazes me more is that he is suprised that i would obviously be pissed about it.

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Also Water, I said I apologized for any miscommunication that may have occurred. Once again, I was never trying to insult your heritage just your grammar mistakes.

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That is still fucked up, its my second language you expect me to be a scholor?

Thats almost the equivalent of making fun of my accent


Alright so here I am reading this, and then thinking about what I see in game. I was the one who initially banned you (Lolita) for this exactly. Racism|'I called him a fucking mexican' You then come back and in the same day deal with 3 sits with you and Water in the same day all directed at you messing with him. I then hear about you pretty much targeting him every chance you get to mess with him. From there with him going back to him, he is continuing to try and get you to stop. He even in here tried reconciling with you and accepting an apology and you continued to go on. Personally I'm with Water on this issue. Also him saying he would is far different from him saying he is, although he shouldn't have said that in OOC he should have kept that in PM's.

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